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August 4, 2005, 3:58 pm CDT

Looking for birth sibling!!!!

I am currently looking for my brother whom my mother gave up as soon as he was born (4/25/76). He was born in Indiana. Their adoption records are closed and it has been very hard to get information. I have gotten the Non-Identifying Information on him. They say they cant give me the Identifying Information without attorney representation.  How do you find an attorney who does this and what does it cost??  I would love to find him. Just to meet him once and talk to him would be AWESOME!!!  I was 3 when he was born.  My mom didnt have to give him up.  She wasnt even raising me, my grandmother was and did.  I feel like I have to pay the price for what my mother did.  I understand using the choice of adoption for many reasons but when you use it as a means to run, shrug off your responsibilities, and revenge---that I dont understand. It affects a lot of people in certain circumstances.  There doesnt seem to be a lot of support or information for siblings who are searching for other siblings.  Just thought I would share a little of my story.  Good Luck and GOD Bless to everyone out there searching.   Tammy

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