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May 19, 2007, 12:37 pm CDT

I am shocked!!!

My daughter at one time wanted to be a "big time" actress as a much as I didn't want it for her (come on ladies name one child star that is a well adjusted and happy young adult) I felt I had to let her try. She was 12 at the time and of course I too thought she was the most talented beautiful....... so we signed with one of the top agencies here in Toronto.


She did her acting  and modeling classes. She had 12 auditions and believe it or not 11 call backs. She ended up making 3 international commercials. One audition was for the movie  A Series of Unfortunate Events.  We actually had the Hollywood script in our hands!!!! She was auditioning for the Violet the lead girl in the movie.  They started out with 10,000 girls and my daughter  made it to the cut of 200.  She was so happy with that. For me it was many sleepless nights knowing that if she did get the part we would have to leave my husband and younger son for about 6 months.  I felt sick. Again it kept going through my head that this was not the life I wanted for her.


Finally we got the call she had been waiting for. Her agent called to say that they wanted my daughter for a part in a weekly series.  They were shooting a pilot and they would pay her $10,000 for 7 days work. It was late August and shooting would start the 2nd week of September. I had such mixed feelings, happy for her but nervous too. I sat her down and told her expecting her to be excited and jumping up and down. She looked at me and said " I am so sorry mom but I don't want to do it, I really applicate every thing you have done for me but it is so boring sitting around and waiting all the time and I am starting High School and I can't miss 7 days of school."!!!!!  I could not believe what I was hearing!!!! We talked about the money and I told her she would have it made for University. She would not have to worry about working and for her to really think about it before I called her agent. She went to her room and 2 hours later she came down stairs and told my husband I that her decision was final and the answer was no. The pressure of starting High School and missing the 1st 2 weeks was too much.

Talk about the moment when I was the proudest of my daughter. She is now in grade 11, an honor roll student, happy with lots of close friends and has no regrets.


These moms are so selfish and are only thinking about themselves!!!!!


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