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August 26, 2005, 5:00 pm CDT


With much help from Donna(aheemmmm, aplause please) I am back on the board. Now to get caught up and try to use this new set up. I tried to post, but it bounced me out...timer I guess? 


I have gotten custody of Jacob, Stacie will have to go to court to get him back from me. I'm hoping that I can get her to let me adopt him in a few months... 


I ended up back in hospital in late July, turns out that the pnemonia I had in March has really been a blood clot in my lung...yep I've been a walking time bomb....just call me lucky ....LOL 


Mom passed away on the 18th of Aug, it was terrible going to the hospital and sitting with her for 8-10 hrs a day and watching her slip further away....she always said that my Dad and brother Ron were holding their foot in the door of heaven waiting for her,,,I guess theres one heck of a party goin on up there right now. I held it together till the funeral on Sunday, then I lost it...poor Norm, he couldnt' even console me. 


Doug(brother) and I are trying to go thru her home and sort and sell and give away. He's hoping that he can sell the place furnished right down to the TP on the roll. What a job, so depressing. 


I hope everyone is good, I'm going to go and try to catch up on what been happening and post this before it disapears again.... I'VE MISSED YOU ALL SO MUCH......HYBTL??????????? 



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August 26, 2005, 5:08 pm CDT


I know I'm on drugs, but even I can't figure out what your new picture is of?????????LOL 


New beau? marriage????? Now I really do have some catching up to read here~~ 

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August 26, 2005, 5:14 pm CDT

is there a manual for this

new site....LOL 


How long before you get timed out when posting???? 


I think I need a bell beside my hard drive..............LOLPMP 

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August 27, 2005, 6:07 am CDT

Much better

Quote From: kathy_kak

Glad to see you back, Sue. Sorry to hear about your mom. Best wishes with Jacob. That is so nice that you won that battle at least. And what a scare you must have had to find out you had a blood clot in your lung! Obviously, you are feeling better. We've sure missed you, too!   


Now for the timing out when posting... it hasn't happened to me - yet - but if you know you're gonna be long winded, type it in a word document, make it small size type then cut and paste. You can always preview it to be sure it's readable, then GO FOR IT!  


The new "improved" (yeh - right) boards are still a pain but gradually some of the bugs have been worked out and a few more soon will be but like anything else it will take some getting used to. I doubt it will ever be 100% to everyone's satisfaction anyway but at least they tried.   


Anyway, good to see you back. Hope you get caught up without too much confusion, but you know you can always just ask... Love ya! kak  



Kathy- I’m using your advice and typing on Microsoft Word and then posting, a two handed bonus,cause now my spelling won’t be as bad either…. LOL  plus its so much easier with Jacob interrupting me to change the channel, he hates Barney,,,hey the kid has good taste what can I say…LOL 




Hope your summer is going well, sounds like your having a good time. 

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August 27, 2005, 6:19 am CDT


Quote From: bluebird

I had to post my post and am now going backwards. (alright people! no laughing!) So sorry to hear bout your mom. It's just not an easy thing. Just know she can't hurt anymore and that's a pretty good thing. We're close to losing my mom but you never know. It's an old age thing for that most precious creature.  


So the medical thing. Is that what's been causing all the problems? What's the prognosis? 

JP- Yes it’s the Lupus that is causing me all the problems.  I’m still not feeling better though unfortunately. I can’t get rid of the pleurisy in my lungs, the pain is awful, but I try not to breath to deep or sneeze….ouch! They tell me that the pleurisy goes with the Lupus so I may have it for a while and then get it back again.  I am on blood thinners for life now, I have something called Anticardiolupin antibodies that makes my blood like cottage cheese.. took a week in the hospital to get the dosage all straightened out, if I keep this up I’ll have a name on a bed there…LOL 




The worse part is now being on blood thinners, I can’t take anything for pain when I have another good flair up…except narcotics and I really don’t want to get started on that stuff! If its not one thing then its another..  CPP doesn’t think that being in constant pain when you move an inch is grounds for disability pension,,,I have to be “ chronic, long term disabled , degenerating health and dead in ten years doesn’t count with them I guess. Now who would hire me I have no idea, it takes me till noon most days to be able to get showed and dressed, and by then I just want to crawl back into bed and sleep. I guess I have a fight on my hands with them. 




This contest your battling at work would drive me nuts, my hats off  to you my friend,,I don’t have a competitive bone in my body, so I would just throw up my hands and say, ”go for it” to the others. Hope you win.  Hows it going with your son being home with you, or has he gone back, I didn’t notice the date .
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August 27, 2005, 6:24 am CDT

Hey Kelly

Quote From: ceders2

It's great to see you back here, but so very sorry to hear about your dear Mum. I know it's hard to hear things like this but atleast now she is at peace with your Dad and brother.  


Gee it sounds like you were very lucky indeed, blood clot in the lung of all places, yes you were very lucky. Hope you're doing much better now. 


Yes these boards are very different but I feel that we are all slowly getting the hang of things. 


Mark and Stephanie are both doing great and Stephanie had her 3rd birthday on the 18th of July. My Mum came down to stay with us from the 18th of July to the 31st of July. It was lovely having her here. Mum and Stephanie had so much fun this time as every other time that Mum had been here, Stephanie wasn't quite ready to play lots if you can understand my meaning there, she was too young. 


Good to hear that you got Jacob now. He is where he should be, yes!! 


Well Sue you TAKE CARE and again it's good to see you back. LOVE KELLY. 

Thanks for the welcome back... Glad to hear Stephanie and your Mum enjoyed themselves on her visit, hard to believe that your little one is 3 already. Jacob turned 4 on the 12th of July also, he is the lite in my eyes that kid just amazes me and makes me crack up all the time. Its a great age! Take care...
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August 28, 2005, 6:56 am CDT

Hi Kelly

Quote From: ceders2

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. So your little one is 4 now, it doesn't take long for them to grow up does it!? 


You were saying to JP about what it takes for you to get on the Disability Pension. My Dad is having the same sort of problems at the moment. He has Motor Neurone Disease and has had to sell his business just two months ago as he just can't work anymore. He was hoping to get on the Pension as there is no longer any income coming in and Mum and Dad both need money to get by as you very well know about that. 


Well when Dad first went to be looked at for the pension the guy who was taking his case said to him come back to us when you have only $5000.00 in your bank account. This guy had no idea what MND is and wasn't very helpful at all. So Dad got in touch with someone else and was able to have a second try. This time it was a woman who knew about MND and was much more helpful. She basically said well you can't really work anymore and your will be 65 years old in 18 months time so we will see what we can do. 


Well as far as I know they are still waiting and they have bills to pay. Yes, it's just not right that you have to be given the 3rd degree just to get a pension. I do understand that the powers that be have to be careful of who they put on the pension but with people like yourself and my Dad it sure seem clear as day, that you need the bloody thing!! 


Anyway, I'll get off my soap box now and you TAKE CARE. LOVE KELLY. 

Oh, I so know what you Dad is goin thru. Although I don't have 2cents in the bank and haven't had any income since March, apparently its common for CPP to turn everyone down and then you have to appeal and fight for what you've paid in to it over the many, many, years of working your asz off. 


The day the lady called me, was the day after Mom died, and I almost took a strip off her and wanted to asked her if she even knew what Lupus was!! Since more than likely I will be dead or on dialysis from this medication in 10 years time and they won't have to worry about paying me any disability at all...................but I held my tongue,,,but their day is coming and I will be flapping up one side of them and down the other. 


It shouldn't be this hard to get something your intitled to!  Tell your Dad to strap on some sh*t kickin boots and go for a walk....LOL 


Take care Kelly  

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August 28, 2005, 7:07 am CDT

Welcome Battle

Quote From: battlepace

Well I must thank you for Bluebird's heritage ... it answers more than I knew I didn't know:)

I've seen your friends call you Kathy now in comes VickI calling you Kak ... what is a boy to understand?

About Vicki yeah, I screwed up her name the first time I wrote it and was trying cover my ass;)

Before, we could correct all the little mistakes after posting and that is when I would spot most extra words, missing words,  misspellings, wrong tense, improper punctuation ... but now there is no correction time ... anyway, mistakes make me feel like a moron because I see them ... just too late. 

I have a couple more questions, if I may delve into your finely tuned mind ... usually I don't ask many questions, try always figure things out myself ... but ...

HITYL ... shortened form of; Hi to y'all? But I've seen it with variations and am no longer sure.

Figure it isn't the more common usage; Hugging Intensely Taps Yogistic Leanings or perhaps this board is more disturbed than I yet know and it means Horrifically Incinerated Troublesome Yodelling Leech ... really just shooting at shadows here ... so, little help?

Also the feather boa or "she of boa feathers" to quote my new Blue friend;) Small who? what? why? pop into my head ... could use a drawing ... pretty please-r;) 

And Bluebird,  I'm slowly learning your language and I adore your accent but lack practice the other parishioners have had with you sermons ... got any details on a spiff it describes you well:)

I first read,  120$ spliff ... figured that is a lot of marijuana for a little Bluebird ... and still it didn't explain alot ... or did it;)

 Also Bluebird, any name preference? Seems you have a multitude ... trying to ditch former  lovers? Huh, nudge, DETAILS girl ... I like Bluebird:) ...  although Janetpoo is putting a huge smile on my face:) ... I'm just twittering now ... so, I'll continue with a story ...  

 I once had a boss who was a consummate liar. We'll call him Albert, any resemblance to real name is intentional:) He lied about everything and I really really mean everything. If it would have been easier to answer a question honestly he would still lie. He rode his employees hard and was a telephone tough guy.

I hadn't been working for him long when he took me aside and asks me to "do him a favor" by telling the client we were giving two coats of paint when reality, as per Albert's orders, was one.

I was offended by the request and turned on him instantly and rather viciously ... "LOOK" I said, as I put my entire five ten, hundred and fifty pound frame to war footing, towering and in his face launched into tirade,  "If you want to f**k the client over, go for it, but there is no f**king way I will be your lying lackey. When the client will be dissatisified, and he will be, because of your decision to screw him, you will hang me out to dry, no F**KIN way! If the client asks me anything he will get the exact truth. That's it!"

(imagine more agitation, profanity and stunned look on pudgy Albert's face as he tries to back away from me)

 Anyway, he never tried me again,  he would do it to other painters, who would then come to see me and relay the message of what we were to say ... I would tell them they were morons, they had now proven to the boss they were liars, untrust worthy and would be checked up on.  I wasn't playing that game.

They would then get all nervous ... but it served them right for believing the lie would put them in the good graces of the boss. Instead they got manipulated. While I got a lot of Independence and always was given work while many others sometimes went for weeks without working. Plus I also got sent to work on the higher quality projects.  

Anyway, it's one of those things where I really don't care about rank or position and would quit on the spot rather than simply go along with something I disagree with.  Keep you ear tuned your inner bluebird, for she knows the path;)

Sue, hi, your friends have been missing you and Bluebird has been waving her wings just about off. I'm bowing to their seeming decent judgement and saying hello:) I'm a friend of Tap's, from the current events board ... I'll try to be gentle, but am not quite house broken yet;) 

Timer heaves  us out after 20 minutes.

You seem to fit right in here with the rest of us at AH. And any friend of Taps is certainly a friend of mine....LOL 


If I read your posts correctly, you are from  Canada, I'm just down the eastern coast from you, perhaps you can tell that from my accent... oh, just a sec-, about, touque ,,there, did you pick up the accent now,,LOL 


HITYL is "Have I told you lately", it gets used alot around here. There are a few others but my brain is still slow this morning so I am at a loss to give you any examples and well, I can be long winded and hate to have to re-write this post all over again. 


I'm 49 next week, diagnosed in Jan with Lupus, currently not working, just got custody of my oldest grandson Jacob, living with my significat other Norm for 3yrs almost 4 now and that just sums up my life at current. Take care and keep posting, luv your sense of humour in your posts........~Sue 

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August 28, 2005, 7:35 am CDT

Stay away from the hookers

Quote From: citrus8

 this might be the wrong section but i couldnt post on the right one. oh well

Hello, i am 24 yr old male. I never had a girlfriend before. I had sex with a prostitue a couple times last year. It was mostly on a whim and I didnt even think about stds at the time. 4 months afterward  i got a check up and I didnt have any stds. yay.
Now my  dilemma is should I reveal this to a potential future girlfriend? Should I just say "Ive never had a girlfriend" and let her think I'm a virgin? But I have this creeping feeling we won't be as intimate as I want if I do that, and I keep having flashes of how mad she would be if I reveal her the truth later on.

Good gawd NO, don’t reveal the prostitute incident to any future girlfriend.  They will run for the hills thinking you’re a no good dog (which doesn’t sound to be the case).






You can say that you have had a couple of sexual experiences and leave it at that. Most women don’t want to hear any details of previous sexual experience from their boyfriends,,,it just leads to problems with them trying to see if your comparing them to what you’ve already had.






 If someone does press the issue, then just tell them that it’s the “past”, and its going to stay that way…that you would much rather concentrate on the future, with them…  






If you want to get some “experience” on how or what a woman likes during sex, ask the one your with at the time, be open to communicating… does she like having this touched and soft or hard, slow or fast, does she like her nipples touched etc, etc, if you ask, women will tell you the truth…we don’t want to have something done to us that is irritating or a turn off,,,,,what would be the sense of having sex if we aren’t going to enjoy it some?  Get a good book or ask any questions here on this board, I or others here will fill you in best we can… Good Luck ~Redneon



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August 28, 2005, 7:44 am CDT

I'm glad you clarified that

Quote From: neecie24

Battle:  Just so you have the rest of the story, in case it's not obvious... ;)  "Have I told you lately" is usually assumed to be followed by, "that I love you", or "that I care about you" or a similar sentiment.  


Sue, I'm so glad to have you back again.  You seem to be handling the quagmire of these new boards quite well.  Just a bit of advice from my end.  Rather than use a cut-n-paste from Word, you can also type your message into the "Post" box, but before clicking on Preview or Post, go up and highlight the entire message from top to bottom, and click on "Copy". Then post the message, if there's any trouble, then you can open a new post box, and "Paste" what you copied into it.  Most of the time, when I do that, I don't have any trouble.  


I am sorry about the hassles you're getting from the people with the money bags.  How frustrating and unfair.  Have we not gotten a posse up about this?  I think maybe it's time to ride over to them thar offices, and tell them what's what!!  


All the best...  

LOL, I never thought about it having a double meaning. 


I see your having a good time this summer boating and such, I think I have caught up on the posts now so I can keep current. 


Is Erin ready for school?  Better still are you ready for her to go back to school.  I know I'm going to cry next year when Jacob goes to kindergarten.LOL 


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