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September 10, 2005, 8:49 am CDT

Are attractive people treated better...

 You bet! And I think that research has proven this over and over again.   Just look at your high level managers and CEOs.  How many of the men are tall and/or have lots of hair!  Virtually all of them.

I have found myself experiencing reverse "lookism".  Specifically, I consciously evaluate less attractive people as more hard working and smarter because of all the extra burden they have to endure to get where they are.

I disagree with Dr. Phil who says  that good looks will get you in the door, but won't keep you there.  Good looks pay off at all levels of the experience chain.
February 13, 2006, 5:11 pm CST

True Bravery.....  a TV host, or screen writer, or novelist,  who would set up a dating situation where the looks of the women and the men are reversed; that is, where a plain or homely or fat woman ends up with a choice of good looking, rich men.   I am so annoyed at all these stories whose themes are intended to convey that despite your looks, you can score a quality mate, that beauty is only skin deep and, that only  superficial people seek beauty in a mate.  These themes NEVER explicitly state that this is true, FOR MEN ONLY.

In other words, I say that in the story "Beauty and the Beast", the beast absolutely MUST be male, and that a  "quality mate" for the hideous beast is a euphemism for a "beautiful mate".  I have NEVER seen these sex roles reversed in any Beauty and the Beast variation.
January 13, 2009, 2:20 pm CST

Real problem with gender confusion

Clearly some people are BORN not clearly one gender or another. Does anyone really think they can "train" Kojak or Ross the Intern or k.d. lang to be more of their own (supposed) sex?

If, as Dr. Phil says, our greatest need is acceptance, then the only way to help these "gender confused" people is to not try and force them into one gender or another. We need to accept them just as they are, which is difficult in a culture that so strongly wants to categorize people into one gender or another. In fact, it is too bad that our pronouns force us to push people into one gender or another. Some people are neither hes, shes or its. None of these quite fit Kojak, Ross the Intern, or k.d. lang, do they?

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