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October 16, 2005, 11:24 am CDT

if only we knew

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I know what its like to have rumours made about you but at least you can see through the stories others make up. Rumours aren't about you at all. Some people have nothing to say they  want to make someone else look bad. It's probably jealousy and bitterness but why do people listen and then spread unbelievably stories. Just ignore them and say "That's nice".
What you say is true, but when we're young, when a lot of these things happen, we aren't always aware that the people who spread these hurtful lies have their own problems.  When I was a kid, I fell victim to vicious rumors.  I lived in an affluent area, but my family was not wealthy.  I was considered an outcast early on, and paid the price at that time.  I was deemed a slut 2 years before i'd even kissed a boy!!!  And far worse.  But I didn't know that it wasn't about me.  And it affected me negatively for years and years to follow... leading to years of poor self-esteem and years of eating disorders.  Adult awareness helped me to see that that negativity was not about me, but them.  We need to step in with our children and help them to feel good about themselves so that they can feel better about telling someone "that's nice."

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