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September 19, 2005, 5:15 am CDT


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My daughter is in daycare during the mornings, ever since she was 2.  I work full time and I do not have the time to give her all the attention she needs.  The daycare helps with that.  She has learned more than I would have been able to teach her as I do not have the qualifications that her daymother has. She is now 4 years old and way ahead of other children her age that does not go to daycare.  I have never been sorry about the decision I made.  I gave birth to my second daughter on July 6, 2005 and she will follow the same path as her sister.  Just make sure that you do your research properly and find a daycare centre that suits the needs of both you and your child.  Visit the centre during the day, unannounced and have a looka at what they do, how they treat the children and you will be able to see wether the children are happy or not in a single glance.  Don't dany your child a great experience because you are afraid to trust someone else with your child.

I just want to say that I am happy your child has had a good experience in daycare. Please realize though that you can't know for sure that being in daycare made your child smart, she is most likely that way by nature and would be with or without daycare. You don't need any special qualifications to teach a child that age. What qualifications do you think you need to give a small child love, and teach them about ABC's and 123's? I am confident that you could have given your child the same care she has gotten in daycare, so don't short change yourself that way. YOU are your childs mother and NO ONE can offer your child what you can. 


Personaly I never put my children in daycare because I wanted to be the one that was with my children when they were little. They are all school age now. I have 4 boys all of which are either on goal or advanced in school so daycare is not necessary to have smart children. My 8 yr old reads on a 5th grade level and can do 5th grade math.  


I am a nanny and have been for many families in the past and have also worked in daycare centers. I have no fear of them. I don't think most parents who stay home with their children do it because they are afraid of daycare, I think they do it because they want to be the person that is caring for their own child. I don't have nay problem with people using daycare for their children. I think it's a personal choice and whether it is a good thing or not depends on each individual situation. 


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