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October 23, 2005, 12:54 pm CDT

Re: Is this Normal

Quote From: rinahatton


Anything negative in a partnership for me is verbal abusive. One of the sign of verbally abusive is you are over reacting, to sensitive, you cannot take a joke or taking control of you. for example Every one know the grass is green but the abusive tries to tell you not it is blue and you are wrong. Tried to check you the relationship you are in to see where it stands. I through familiar territory and found help with books, counselor and Dr.Phil shows. We are doing betters.  

It can be normal in relationships to call each other names. 


But is it acceptable?  I say NO!  I agree that verbal abuse verbal abuse, whether it's done by the husband, wife or both. 


But It doesn't mean we have to take it. 


A) I do NOT put up with it  (I confront it then and there) 


and B) I won't stoop to that level (I know how it feels, and I won't do that to someone else) 

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March 4, 2006, 6:18 pm CST

RE: Looking for answers

Quote From: mashella

 I am a mother of nine year old twins, a boy and a girl. My son shows alot of the signs of aspergers, we have been to 4 doctors and been on several types of med! I 'm going to doctor number 5 thursday. I know what i see everyday and what his teachers tell me, trying to get a doctor to see it is hard. 

So far there hasn't been a right medicine, or it doesn't work for long, soon the teachers are calling everyday at the end of their rope, and i end up crying and feeling helpless! 

Is there help for us? Is there a medicine thats helps this? 

You aren't alone in this.  Yes, Aspergers sufferers do have various tendencies.  That doesn't mean 

that there isn't hope though. 


You haven't been to the 'right' doctors.  In the show, the 'patient' was put on RITILIN.  According 

to several Clinical Psychiatrists, RITILIN should not be used for Autism.  It's for ADHD.  


There are options open to you.  I would suggest that you take your son to a clinical psychiatrist. 


They often have the most up to date information on Neurological disorders.  Make no mistake, 

that is what Aspergers is. 


I am autistic, as are my two daughters.  I am having my children do councilling, seeing a 

clinical psychiatrist.  They are both on Prozac (I kept them OFF meds until it was all too 

aparant that they were a danger to theirselves and to others).  The Prozac has enabled them 

to focus better in school (as has the biofeedback - which by the way works well with 

people who are ADHD as well). 


See the clinical Psychiatrist, if anyone can help you find the answers you so badly need it's them. 


Forgive me for saying so, but this was NOT Dr. Phil's best show. 


Instead of focusing on ALL aspects of ASPERGERS, he focused only on ONE aspect of Autism. 


He made it seem that it is impossible for anyone with Aspergers/Autism to have a normal life. 


That isn't true. 


I am autistic, as are my children, as are millions of people across the world.  I and they are living 

proof that there is hope. 


I will be praying for you. 

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April 3, 2006, 2:50 pm CDT

RE: Mommy Dearest

Quote From: jodiels

Jessica's mother, Deana, is full of crap.  She continues to try justifying how she treated her daughter.  I was young, I wasn't ready to be a mom, blah, blah, blah.  To put your child in a mental hospital just to get attention is disgusting.  I'm surprised that they actually let Deana out.  I wonder how much practice it takes to be able to cry on cue like that.  What were her grandparents thinking leaving her in that hell hole?  They obviously knew what what going on.  The grandmother herself said that Jessica told her her mother hit her.  Way to sit back and do nothing.  I hope that Jessica doesn't buy her mother's lies because if she does, she's only going to get hurt more. 

I too am appalled but NOT SURPRISED at what Deana did simply in order 'to get attention'. 


Being a survivor of child abuse, I understand all too well what Jessica is going through. 


I would be surprised {with Deana refusing to be accountable for her actions} if her daughter  ever forgives her. 



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May 22, 2006, 3:49 pm CDT

re: summer slim

Quote From: noraann

......I don't think so. LOL.....I know I need to loose, but I just can't do it. I even looked to see if there is someone in my area to join ranks with, I bought Dr Phil's book, but no one here in my town! I know that part of the reason is medical other part is ME! Guess this is one show I will be watching. Never miss it.

Yes you can lose weight.  But you are the only one who 'can' do it.   No one else can do it for you.  


I have Hashimoto's disease.  Back in 2000 I was misdiagnosed as being hypothyroid.  The doctor then told me I would be 400lbs by April of the next year.  He then laughed in my face and prescribed Meridia.   


I 'fired' him.   


To date I am now 189lbs down from 220lbs.   


That doctor was wrong about me, and you are wrong about yourself.   


The main thing you need to do, is to go to a GOOD doctor (not the NITWIT I went to) and have a full physical. Then together with that doctor determine what would be a safe 'weight plan' for you.   


You might be surprised to learn that many nutritionists are covered under many forms of medical insurance.   


Then you need to start on exercise.   


But the key, is to believe in yourself.   If you believe it, then you can work to achieve it.   

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May 22, 2006, 3:53 pm CDT

re: Be proud of her

Quote From: willene

Kelly should be PROUD of Julie losing all that weight and tell her so. I have gained and lost and gained and lost. I lost 70 pounds one time and a girl made fun of me cause of me saying I wasn't  

wearing Queen size pantyhose anymore!! SO up I went again and gained all the weight back. 

I know you should do it for you and not anyone else but it does help that people notice and are 

on your bandwagon cheering you along. I say Julie, wear a bathing suit and SHINE and tell your  

hubby to go jump in a lake!!! 

You should be proud of yourself.  Yes you gained your 70lbs back, but you learned from your mistake.  Somehow, I don't think that letting someone else determine your happiness and weight is a mistake you'll be repeating.  Somehow I think if anything, you'll lose all the weight you have to and do it for you.   


Your advice to Kelly and Julie is on target. 


Kelly needs to support his wife, instead of telling her a 165lbs weight loss isn't GOOD ENOUGH. 



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July 6, 2006, 2:21 pm CDT


I say NO.  If a man or women doesn't want to have a baby but still have one; they are still responsible for that child.  That have both a MORAL and a LEGAL obligation to raise that child or to find a suitable environment for that child to be raised.   


The man on the show who says his 'constitutional rights' are being 'violated' is FULL OF IT.  


He didn't have to sleep with his 'EX girlfriend'.  He choose to, and by choosing to he became responsible for the consequences of that act.  


So stop clogging out courts with WASTEFUL law suits boy, and GET OUT THAT CHECK BOOK!  

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July 6, 2006, 2:23 pm CDT

re: Baby wars

Quote From: billyjerr

I think those boys need to grow up and learn how to be men.  I have 4 kids.  My wife has 3 and I have 2.  It's a hers mine and ours house.  I think that if they don't want to have kids then they need to make sure they get themselves a vasectomy.  A if they want play and not pay then they need to be casterated. 

I couldn't have said it better myself.  THANK YOU for showing what a REAL MAN is SUPPOSED to ACT LIKE!
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July 11, 2006, 6:34 am CDT

Get a clue

This is for the woman on the show who kept saying her child was autistic and possibly had Aspergers and needed help.  


Welllllllllllll why don't YOU get that child the 'help'?  Unlike YOU my children BOTH of them are AUTISTIC.  I was the one who pushed to get them evaluated at a PROPER FACILITY.  I paid out of pocket for that.  When their medicines were not covered under the insurance, I paid out of pocket for that too.  I fought long and hard for the teachers  to make my children accountable for their behaviour.  I found groups that could give me clues on what else I could do to be a better parent. 


In other words lady, I am the advocate for my child.  I did not depend on the government for ANYTHING except to insure that they were given a GOOD education, and integrated with their peers at their schools. 


You are a social worker, yet you don't have a clue as to raising your own child. 


You have to step up here and be a parent.  You have to make yourself and your child accountable for yours and his actions.  I don't care if you are 'parenting out of guilt'.  THe time is NOW for you to GROW UP! 


I kept my children off of medicade  and SSI.  I wanted my children to be accountable for their behaviour.  And the only way I could do that was to parent them accordingly and get them the medical and psychological help they needed.  And when financial sacrifices needed to be made so that meds, food, and utilities could be afforded I made them.  


You kept saying the entire show how no one would help your child.  Why aren't YOU helping him?  You have a responsibility as a parent to stand up and do right by him.  IF you do not make that child accountable for his behaviour, no one else will. 


And as I watched the tape of your child, I did not see a child out of control.  I saw in that boy's eyes someone who knew exactly what he was doing and why. 


In children with autism (when they have their violent attacks)  you can see in their eyes that they can NOT control their selves.  There is a huge difference between your child and my children.  And I resent YOU using AUTISM as an excuse, simply because YOU REFUSE TO PARENT YOUR CHILD! 


You are a social worker for GOODNESS SAKE!  GET A CLUE WOMAN!  

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September 2, 2006, 12:11 pm CDT


By doing what you did in that bar, you WERE out of LINE! 


I've lost 44.5 lbs.  Yes my husband is insecure about that, because (like YOU) I look about better then I ever did before.


But UNLIKE YOU, I make certain to respect my husband.  Every day I tell him I love him.  Every time when we go out, I am respectful and loving.  I am respectful and loving to my husband, not every other GUY in the CLUB!!!


And YES, my husband is still insecure.  But unlike you, I am not the one giving him a reason to be that way.


Think about your actions Girl.  It's time for you to start acting like a mature woman, instead of a spoiled teenager.

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September 29, 2006, 10:06 pm CDT

re: 9/29 wedding dos and don'ts

I had a mother like that.  She did everything she could to destroy a wedding that she didn't even spend one DIME ON!


I 'should have' not invited MY FAMILY at all.


But no, no no.  I wanted to be reasonable.  I wanted my family (even though they were a bunch of lieing JERKS) there. 


My mother did everything from trying to DEGRADE ME at every step of the planning process, to her and my sister calling me a SELFISH BITCH when ever I said NO.  That would be unacceptable.  If THEY were paying for the WEDDING, yes they could have said something.  Instead they underminded me, degraded me, and humilated me at every turn.


My mother even tried to start a fight with me in the middle of the reception hall.  About the TUXEDOS of all things.  We were leaving on our HONEYMOON, and the JERK expected us to CANCEL OUR FLIGHT in order to return EVERY SINGLE TUXEDO ourselves!  My husband had to physically drag me away from her, because he could see that I was going to deck her.


She then had the gall to accuse me of STEALING FROM HER, and TAKING ADVANTAGE of HER by HER PAYING FOR THE WEDDING!!!  Even though WE PAID FOR EVERYTHING, she tried to get MORE and more money out of us.


Even though SHE did NOT PAY A DIME, she had the GALL to lie about me all across town.  And now she wants to know  ... why don't I call.


It's because I'm tired of dealing with a negative, Lieing JERK who has nothing better to do then to try to destroy my life and slander my husband because he loved me and still does.


And no I don't need to be on the Dr. Phil show to fix 'this problem'.  I already fixed it.  I cut the little 'dearheart' entirely out of my and my childrens' lives!


Listen to me, DO NOT invite THEM.  If you do you will regret it for the rest of your life!


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