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August 4, 2005, 1:45 pm CDT

He Is SO Mentally ILL

Does he have the flattest affect you have ever seen.  I wish I had skin like his.  Not a wrinkle in it, not even the finest line.........this is totally from lack of emotion, for many many years.   He is FLAT. 

He would actually be the poster boy for a BOTOX ad.  I can't believe that this flat affect has never been noticed by others and he doesn't have other problems.  I have worked in mental health for more than 20 years and when you see this kind of personality it is so textbook.   He just sits there like a dead fish.  He has no conscience I believe also.



This is the best I have seen Dr. Phil act, speak and talk to guests EVER and I have been watching since he came on TV with Oprah during her trial in Texas.  He should be more honest and direct with all of the guests.....I feel he usually lets the guy off way too easy and doesn't force him to address his lies.


Well I hope she can finally put herself first and stop thinking about HIM and take care of herself and the kids.   Best wishes to his wife. 


The other woman is a dirty, disgusting immoral, female who should also be kicked out and left on her own by her husband.  She needs to learn that there is certain behaviors not acceptable when you are married and a mother.  She makes me sick when she says "How do I do that?"  What a copout, miss martyr.   Sickening.   Women out there  be sure to teach your daughters that there are LOTS of women out there who will do this.  Don't let them have to learn on their own.  And teach them about addicted men also.

August 4, 2005, 2:45 pm CDT

Good Job Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil:   Good job.  There are tens of thousands of men and women like this, not just a few.  They need to be seen by everyone and talked about so that people will be able to see these behaviors and recognize them when they run across them in their own lives.  The "hurt" spouse needs to see these type of people so she can see that a lie is a lie is a lie and this behavior is common and has a name and the likelihood of it changing is miniscule. 


The cheater.....who cares.....they obviously don't have an ounce of feeling for anyone.I don't really care about the cheater. 


The person they are cheating with needs to see that they are just one of many, they are being used as a sex object, the person does not love or care for them, they might as well have a paper bag over their head, and that the  behavior will not change. 

I think this show will empower a lot of people by letting them see and hear a real situation that is not at all unique, that they need to regain control of their own lives and look at why they feel the need to remain attached to such a sick person that continually hurts them.    Every show you have like this helps many people.  You show millions of people that these kind of people exist, you expose their lies and make obvious their elusiveness and immaturity and maladaptive behaviors.  Their are a lot of problems in relationships Dr. Phil and I am glad that you show us how to see them, recognize them for what they are and show us how we can help ourselves out of it. 

You have a lot to be proud of.  You help us with your psychological knowledge and common sense.

   So Dr. Phil..  Ya done good!   GOOD  JOB   Thank you for all the work and effort you put into this.

 A Michigan State University viewer, one of many......come and visit us sometime!


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