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August 10, 2005, 2:22 pm CDT

To the nice Man with OCD

Thank you so much for sharing your story!   


I don't have the hand washing, touching, counting thing.  So didn't think I fell under OCD.  I have "food" issues and drug/pill issues.  I won't use cans with dents or any imperfections.  I won't use any product without printed expiration dates.  If I mistakenly buy one, I contact the manufacturer to decode the production date.  If they won't decode it (as 7-up/A & W wwould not) I toss the product.   


If any product I buy does not open "right" not enough szzzt sound, or the safety ring comes off instead of seperating then I throw it out.  Sometimes I just believe there is something wrong with the way a product looks so I open another identical one, compare and sometimes use it, sometimes toss both! 


I went through a terrible phase where I could not purchase or use any processed foods.  Food touched by others at manufacturing facilities that I could not wash off before preparing.  I was down to eating white and brown rice, carrots, potatos and water I had to boil before I could drink it! 


Those were dark days! 


I was also having panic attacks.  I was hyper vigilant about monitoring my heart, constantly being still to "sense" it within my chest.  Looking at my finger tips to check their color.  Terrified of sudden heart failure.  I was paralized! 


I found out later I had bad hypothyroidism.  And later found that panic attacks are related to hypothyroidism!  I had mentioned the panic attacks to my doctor several times.  He never checked my thyroid.  It was found during a community health service blood test! 


Since I've been treating the thyroid, I am much improved.  Although it took herculean strength to buy, then take those first pills!  As I secretly believe that pills from large facilities are not safe! 


Now I can even eat out, but it's not with any enjoyment, as I still sit and wonder who touched the food, were their hands clean, did they cook the food to safe temperatures, did the cans open correctly?  Ha Ha. 


But things are better for me.  And I pray they will improve for you.  I'm so sorry your wife left.  You can still love and be loved by your kids.  Get a thorough blood work up. 


God bless, 


T. Elliott 


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September 13, 2005, 6:58 pm CDT

I Missed Important Part of The Show

Hi, I missed the most important part of the show today.  (Tornado Warning Here and the Weather Team took over the broadcast for 20 Minutes). 


Dr. Phil had just asked the Surgeon General of the possible health risks of associating with disaster victims relocated to our area.  I must admit, I have some concerns.  What did they say? 




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