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July 24, 2005, 9:51 am CDT

Cheated On

Well, it's geeky joy to be the first poster, but sad for why... I have been in a committed relationship for many years now, and things have been painful lately. I was forced out of my job of 19 years this spring; as a result, I have been fighting depression (yes, I am getting therapy and meds). I'm trying to keep this short- I was closing everyone and everything out- including him. He thought I was slowly leaving me, but feared talking to me because he didn't wan tto cause more pain. He was confiding in a female friend that he had lost me , and you can guess the rest. We have been talking a lot the past couple of weeks- but he said he has to speak with her face to face to resolve what he is doing. He leaves tomorrow to fly out to meet her. I don't know what to say before he leaves. We don't live together, so it isn't like waiting for him to come home from work tonight. What do I do? We both feel we are the love of each other's life, but he is confused about what he is feeling apparently. help...
 If it were me...I would help him understand his "confused" feeling by kicking him out the door!  If you were his "true love" he wouldn't have cheated on you, and from what you're saying, he is about to do it again by going to see her.  Don't feel like you can't let him might be alot happier without having to wander if he's being true to you.  And if he ever feels confused again does that give him the right to confide in another woman?? He could've confided in a man just as easily as a woman and not have risked getting involved.  He should've talked to you and not ran off to a stranger to discuss the problems in your relationship.  He should've been there for you through your trials and not added to the list.  I am a true believer in that if a person strays once they will do it again if the situation introduces itself ( and it sounds like it did when he went to see her) I wish you the best of luck and I hope you do what you find to be the best thing for you!!! And maybe being forced out of your job was just  another window being opened for better things. :)     God Bless!

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