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November 17, 2005, 7:42 am CST

cant get my 8 year old out of bed!

I'm at my witts end with my eight year old!  I just have sooo much trouble getting him out of bed for school in the morning.It's just a huge fight,, every morning! ive tried getting him to bed earlier,and thats even harder to do. anyone with any advice?? please help..   

   thank-you..frustrated in nanaimo bc 

January 15, 2007, 4:16 pm CST

get rid of Enza!!!

What is wrong with this woman??

she is clearly in the house to create drama!! She constantly acts like a little skool girl,laughing with the 14 year old .trying to put words into her mouth about her mother.She reminds me of someone who loves to be in the center of attention!! Why does the mother want her there anyways? She 's not helping the daughter at all.

She just puts  her mum down. I think after the mother and daughter reconcile. they will both hate enza.

and another thing, why doesn't the grama step up and say anything to enza? what kinda support is she giving?

dr. Phil needs to get rid of enza so the real work with the daughter can begin.

GET RID OF THE DRAMA QUEEN!! !Thats what I say!!

Cheryl,,in Nanaimo


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