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July 30, 2005, 7:08 am CDT

It sounds to me like...

Quote From: wishinthin

I'm 40 yrs old and work for my father at his real estate office. It is a small business with about 20 employees. For 12 years I worked as his assistant, he is the broker, and everything was good. Then I discovered that the bookkeeper he employed was embezzling money and had been for years. She was paying all her bills, her housepayment, every thing and getting cash plus her weekly paychecks. My father never checked the check register or bank statements. Now I tried to tell him and he would put me off, until very bluntly I showed him copies of checks she forged, and copies of the check register that changed every week after she would correct them. So she was fired immediately and my father made me take over everything. Now the problem is I do all the bookkeeping, all the property management, all the office support and I was never formerly trained for accounting, I do everything from the taxes, payroll taxes, distribution of rental income, etc.  I can't keep up, I'm getting more behind everyday, the help he hires me is pathetic, I work overtime don't get no overtime, no benefits, no insurance, no nothing no raises and he tells me how bad I'm doing everyday cuz I'm not keeping up with everything. I want to quit but this is my kids future this business and I want to get them interested to help me. what do i do?


I am not getting a very good image of your father's roll in this picture.  It almost sounds to me like he is punishing you for your being right about his bookkeeper.  On top of the punishment, he is using you and will continue to so so until you simply don't let him anymore.  I certainly don't want you to think I believe it is as simple as just walking away from this mess but you do have some hard choices to make.  If your kids are really interested in the business, they will tell you........I have no idea of their ages or interests or personalities but but they will need to make their own lives based on their own choices eventually.  Right now, it is you.  Your life, your happiness, your self worth, your self esteem.  As Dr. Phil says, you teach others how to treat you and you also teach your kids what is acceptable as well.  My suggestion is you find another job or start your own business.  Your kids will be fine.  And perhaps your father will take a step back and come to some hard realizations about his behavior and how he is treating you.  I wish you luck and God Bless.

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