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May 8, 2006, 4:41 pm CDT

Made Me Sick

I just wanted to cry for those kids.  Why didn't I?  Because I grew up with a raging mother and I learned to suppress tears as well as other emotions.  The show stirred up a lot of horrid memories.  I can't understand how Dr. Phil could allow those parents to leave the studio with those children.  They should have been removed immediately because they are all in danger!  As it happens, my mother was beaten and abused by her father and so while I can feel empathy for her and what she went through as a child, I still carry the scars of what she did to me deep within.  I am 51, have had years of counseling for the abuse as well as so that I would not do those things to my kids.  Even with years of counseling, though, I wasn't able to stop all the rage when my kids were little.  Thankfully I didn't ever hit them or call them names but I did scream over stupid little things.  Can the damage ever be completely undone?  Will those children be able to totally break the cycle of violence and abuse they've lived?  God, I hope so. 
January 6, 2007, 1:32 pm CST

Yes! Very similar situation here!

Boy this is a show I have to watch!  I was going to sit down to write Dr. Phil a letter when I came to this website and then I saw that this show would be deadbeat stepdaughter is back living with us again, 7 months this time so far.  She doesn't pay us a dime and blows her money on ... who knows?  We've spent a lot of money so far to save her car from being repossessed (and it's about to happen again) and paid for her lawyer to keep custody of our little grandson.  We're supporting our grandson--who is the reason we are putting up with this.  He has special needs, we have paid for evaluations by developmental pediatricians and psychologists. 


This stepdaughter moved in with us originally in April, 2004 when our grandson was just 2 mos old.  Stepdaughter claimed her boyfriend was abusing her so I pressed hubby to let her move in.  He was very reluctant because of past problems with this girl (stealing, lying, getting into trouble on the internet) but for the sake of the baby agreed.  Well, a year later we we at our wits' end.  She's a neglectful careless mom, got picked up by the cops for disorderly conduct and providing alcohol to minors, got fired, was stealing our money, etc etc etc and my husband finally said GET OUT. 


Our grandson suffered the year they were gone.  When she was kicked out, he was 14 mos old, was beginning to walk, talk and stuff like that.  She was homeless, lived with a friend, got kicked out, moved back w/old boyfriend, got kicked out & left her son behind, and lived with her aunt & uncle a year--they kicked her out in May of this year.  Then she came back to us. 


When our grandson returned to us, he'd stopped speaking.  Evaluators have told us it's like he is 14 mos old for speech skills and around 18 mos in all other areas.  The only area where he is on age level is fine motor skills--figure that one out! 


So we feel like we are stuck between a rock and a hard place!  :(


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