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October 7, 2006, 2:37 pm CDT

Divorcing Your Family

Quote From: ms_northridge

I think that this realy is not right but if the mother and father are fighting all the time then maybe they can just step back for some time and step a way from one another for a year or maybe longer just maybe..

This is what the world has came too.  I thought that it was shocking when I heard children divorcing their own parents.  But I have came to understand why kids are going to the extreme.  I have became like an adopted mother to this one teenage girl.  She was suicidale (sorry if it is misspelled) and ready to give up on life, she has a homelife of alcoholic parents who fight constantly and I came to understand why some kids do divorce their parents.  No one has lived in that situation of that family.  So how can you sit here and judge.  Yeah it is wrong, but there is a solution to it.  And maybe Dr, Phil can help them out.  I was in that situation and it was hard to be in and my solution was moving out and going for a divorce because no kids should live their lives in a home enviroment.  I didn't divorce my children I just divorced my husband.   So I see no use in making judgements.  This is sad all the way around.


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