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July 22, 2005, 7:15 pm CDT


I am an obese woman who has had stomach stapling four years ago, I am 51 mother of four, grandmother of eight. 280 pounds. My parents both died young, Mom 66, Dad 55, My brother last year 46. I come from a family all obese.I have five sisters four obese, one thin as a rail. I fear that if I cannot get it right in my head on what to do that I will die soon, I have MS, and this has limited me in many ways. I suffer from severe depression all the time and am taking all kinds of medications for depression and fro my MS. Including Rebif injection three times a week. Is there any help for me, I feel miserable , very lonely, I live isolated as I feel that I am unworthy of friends, or even a loving relationship with my husband. I have been married to him for 34 years, but he basically lives his own lie traveling the world as a missionary, leaving me to fend for myself for months at a time.He is very controlling women he is at home. I grew up in a very strict Christan home where i WAS TAUGHT THAT THE MAN IS THE HEAD OF THE HOUSE. and the woman is obedient to the man.So is there any hope for an obese woman who doesn't want to die young.
July 25, 2005, 6:17 pm CDT

Would like to join your group

Quote From: cheriemont

I just read some of the posts on this board and I feel the pain you are in. I started the WLC at 360 lb. and found a wonderful support group right here on the Dr. Phil website. It's under "Message Boards" and then under "Weight Loss Challenge Discussions" with the WEIGHT topics you'll find if you scroll down on the Message Board page. We're the 9th board listed (as new boards get added, we may change to 10th, 11th, etc. as the boards are arranged alphabetically). I'm talking about the board called "200 pounds or more to lose".

We have people in our group in the 400s and 500s and most in the 300s when they started, but we also have some (a few) who did not have quite 200 to lose when they joined us but also had a very large amount to lose so they share those special challenges with us, especially facing a long-term program of weight loss (I'm talking 2, 3, 4 or more years to get to our goal). We would be so happy to have you come and join our group. We'll give you the loving support you need along the way, tips and hints to help you over the rough spots and an occasional kick in the pants if you need that too (gently, of course).

We, like many of the boards online, are mostly women, but there are a few guys who have joined us too and ALL are welcome. About the only restriction we have on our board is we request that members not use profanity and to not be critical of one another--we're all doing the best we can and we're there to HELP one another, not heap more criticism and judgment upon one another.

I hope to see you over on that board if you fit the criteria. You'll be so glad you came to join us.


I am depressed all the time about my weight and just life in general. Can't seem to even understand the the weight loss challenge book, so I am in desperate need of help. I have been so lonely in this battle, and have had many thoughts of ending my life. Please help me.Omachris

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