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July 24, 2005, 6:59 am CDT

children argue continually

I have two grown children in the north that do not speak to us, One of them is trying to mend the situation the other daughter will have nothing to do with us or her brother and sister here in Fla. We moved to Ohio to try to get them all together, which made it worse. I then realized that they all had

their lives to live and it would be best for us to go back to Fla. and live ours. They had no time for us nor did they want us in their lives. OK, then we came back but since then 4 yrs ago they still havent't spoken. I worked two jobs while I was there and their father had Alzheimers disease. I had

to spend most of my time when not working with him. I could see this was going no where so I told them we loved them but had to return to our doctors in Fla. Really they did not care. So back we came. Now after three years one of them is having a family reunion and we are invited along with the other two in Fla. we will all go. But my daughter will not come or have anything to do with any of us. Her husband does not like our family. But I pray we can mend that by going to visit and coming back in a few days. I am not allowed to see my grandchild which breaks my heart, if I call they hang up. She was my baby and most spoiled child. She would not go to her father funeral. I am so sick about this, should I just give up? stay away? or keep trying to be their mother. I am only breaking the ice on one side in Ohio, that is because of a grandaughter who loves me. my dearest daughter will have nothing to do with me which breaks my heart. I believe my ex-husband might have abused her as well as the other daughter, but the one down here is very forgiving,saying he is dead now so forget it. Before I die I would like to see all my children speaking insead of trying to destroy eachother.  twi twi  


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