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January 28, 2008, 7:25 am CST

Big Surprise When Cleaning Attic

My husband & I have been married 40+ years.  We have lived in this house 32 years, raised 2 sons, and have saved everything including items from both our parents homes.  Since our house is bulging with "stuff" we decided to start on the attic recently.  We found letters sent to my parents while I was in college, beautiful letters my husband sent to me while he was in the Marine Corps, wedding congrats, baby congrats, letters from friends, homemade cards from our little sons, etc.  What touching memories.  But the best find of all was a suitcase he brought down for me to empty which was not mine.  He said it was not his.  After some discussion we opened it together only to realize it was a stored suitcase from family we united with at a Cubs game in 1985 here in Illinois.  They were from New York on their way for a year in California.  To give them needed room in their car we were happy to store this suitcase until the next summer.  Their marriage has ended, (we hope it didn't start over a missing suitcase), we have an extra suitcase and a 1985 Cubs Program and new baseball cap.  One never knows what big surprises awaits when cleaning attics!!

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