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August 19, 2009, 2:27 pm CDT


I am afraid and at the same time worried..I just came here in the US last year..I applied a job at school district as a food service..I got hired and attended some orientations and trainings and so on. But then they decided not to hire me officially because of my health..I took a medical check and It says that I have a false positive skin tb test althou my chest x-ray was clear..I guesss i was exposed to some person before who have a tb eh..I never smoke nor drinking any alcohol, I never take any illegal drugs.last year i took  the same medical procedure in HongKong in order for me to enter or my visa to be approve and it was all clear..i felt so sad and a a feeling of this is so unfair!!!! I suggested that if i will take the medication just to get rid of my stinking false positive tb test but they refused..I am healthy i never get sick i have no tb in my body system howcome they don't just give me a chance to get on medication. Althou i understand that im gonna work in the kitchen, with children but I am not sick so do u think this is unlawfully or what?

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