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May 4, 2009, 8:09 am CDT


Hello everyone,

I reside in the U.K. and I guess the Dr. Phil shows are not up to date. I just saw this episode today and was thoroughly disappointed with Dr. Phil's approach. I am a big fan of the show and I usually agree with Dr.Phil, I think he makes fair arguments and gives everyone a chance. However, I feel like he TOTALLY attacked the relationship of Mark and Shelly. He didn't make any effort to reach a deeper level of understanding in this case.
I think Mark found Shelly attractive just as he would have found a girl of the same age attractive and decided to pursue it. I think Shelly made the right decisions about not breaking the law and waiting for him to be over the legal age. Nobody was saying that this would be long term, it was just like any other relationship out there, going with it, seeing where it would lead to.
The only issue I had with this was that Mark was now living in Shelly's home with her two other young children. I think that after four months, no man should take over your life this much to not think about your children in this situation. It isn't something they should be subjected to at such an early stage in the relationship. This is regardless of his age, by the way. I don't believe it is healthy to bring men into your children's lives until you know it's serious, it is a strong relationship and you have spoken to your children about it and you know how they feel. As a single mother, you need to put your children's needs first. So, Mark should go back to his home or find an apartment of his own and continue dating Shelly if that's what they both want to do.
Dr.Phil, you are supposed to make your guests feel comfortable, remain calm and express your view in a more friendly way. REALLY upset by the way you handled this situation, not professional at all.

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