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July 22, 2005, 9:14 pm CDT

It's about time...

I don't know about this new board -- I sure hope it works out ok, so we can use it the way we always have -- to support each other and have fun!!  I suppose it will take a while to get used to.


Welcome back everyone!!


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July 24, 2005, 10:25 pm CDT

So long!!

We're headed off for Tucson in the morning!! Hooray!! I expect all you guys and gals to get this place rocking by the time I get back.  Don't be intimidated -- we're too close and WAAAAY to important to each other, to let this little hiccup stand in our way.  Honestly, I don't think it's as weird as it appears.  One big diff is when you reply to a post, that post gets included in yours, so others can follow the converstaion.  Might not be such a bad idea!


Hang in there, I'll be thinking about you lots.  I don't expect to have web access while I'm there, so I'll report back when I get home. Take care! I love you!!




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July 30, 2005, 2:51 pm CDT


I'm having a great time!!  I'm supposed to be in rehearsal right now, but I'm slackin' ;)  (We always put on a show where each era gets onstage and performs a couple songs from their show -- don't worry if that makes no sense)  I really can't tell you how incredibulous it is to be here.  Total honesty here:  you guys are great!  but the folks here in Tucson with me are my family.  Nobody can compare.  It just doesn't get any better in life then to be with them.  My friend, the Swiss pastry chef, who was on the food network, just did a chocolate tasting for us, using chocolate from the company he consults for -- just about THE finest choc. in the world -- sorry, but it sucks to be you. [huge wink]


I'll tell you more about it when I get back.  Erin's doing great, but I'm beginning to feel guilty about skipping rehearsal - gotta go. Love you all!




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August 4, 2005, 9:15 pm CDT

Any chance they'll reverse this board deal?

Hey everyone...  I"m getting used to being back home.  Feeling a little low, a common letdown after reunion.  Also, it feels to me like summer is ending.  I can count the number of days off that I have left on one hand.  Then it's back to fulltime work (I know, poor me) and soon after that the holidays and tax season.  I know you all think I'm crazy to look so far forward like that, but I can't help it. 


I'll feel better in a few days, I always do.  I hope we can still hang in here, I would definitely miss being able to visit with all of you. 


Just for the record, I HATE this new board format.  I hope we can get used to it, but I certainly would not be upset if it went back to the way it was. (hint, hint) 


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August 5, 2005, 2:57 pm CDT

I'll get with it soon

Quote From: bluebird

Am I the only one that sees my bluebird is upside down or what?!  

Yes, I do see your little birdie upside down -- pretty funny! 


I will get some stories up soon.  Hard to know where to start though... 


I have a friend who's son has attempted suicide -- Please keep Jason and his family in your thoughts. 




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August 9, 2005, 9:34 am CDT


Quote From: kohathi

This looks like maybe the right place to ask this question. It's for women and concerning sex, ok?

Here's the set-up. It's about the very best sex of your life. Or the best that you can imagine. All day has been leading up to this, starting with the man of you dreams (or your husband). He's done everything just exactly the way you want it. From the moment you see him with the flowers. The box of chocolates. He does your laundry while you eat them. A gourmet dinner, dancing and a barefoot walk on the beach in the moonlight. Kisses as the surf crashes. Caresses and making out in the carriage ride to the romantic mountain cottage. Cuddle time on the thick soft rug in front of the crackling fire. Are you getting the idea? He's doing EVERYTHING right. He undresses you slowly, kissing and stroking each bit as it's uncovered. His kisses are soft where you like it. Demanding when that's better. He's got the "slow hand" and knows exactly how to use it. Jaeger wishes he had this guy's tongue. He's driving you completely wild with passion. Maybe over the edge if that's what you like... and he still has his clothes on. Or at least some of them. Still with me?  At some time you've decided it's TIME! You need him inside you, right now! And he's ready, too. So, in he slips. There's enough of him and he knows what he's doing with it. And now... the question.

What now? What do you want from that point on? This originally came up  as a simple, "how long do you want him to last?" Of course, three seconds is too quick and four hours is a medical emergency. In any case, there's more to it than that. So, tell me... how long? and what else? This guy has the ability and the desire to do exactly what you want until exhaustion overcomes you, remember.

I'd like to get as many different people to respond as possible. Is there another board where it would be appropriate?

Sorry, but I'm not going to play today.  I don't know who you are, and this may be a perfectly legitimate question.  But I guess that I just like to know someone a little better before I start writing porn on the internet, which pretty much seems like what you're looking for. 


If you want to stick around and be part of our community, then why don't you share who you are, and then maybe I'll be interested in discussing this with you. 


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August 9, 2005, 9:36 am CDT

Ok, I just want to know one thing...

Why the heck does this board reverse direction when I try to post something?  I click on reply to post, have to enter my password, then it comes back to the boards, but now the most recent posts are on Page 1, and I can't find the post I was going to reply to!! 




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August 9, 2005, 1:37 pm CDT

Dear Phew!

Quote From: lokithor

Anyway.  Talked to Sue today and she says to say hi to all of you.  She's been trying to log in now under three different email addresses and has gotten no responses from the DP powers that be.  She can still read messages, which is a good thing.  Please say hi and send her your love and your best.  


How many minutes do I have left?  Geeze.  Let's see.  My daughter is doing well.  Need names for a girl.  Chris and I still aren't together.  Need help for  us (actually him!)  My brother left for Vancouver and I cried buckets.  Need kleenex for me.  My cat Rocky still isn't well (who knew that a grooming for a perfectly healthy cat would cost $500 and leave her almost dead)  Need good thoughts for that ten-year-old shy kitty.  Send money for laxatives. 


That's probably about it as my time is up.  Love to all of you!   Phew! 

This thing is pretty crazy, eh?  Wanna know which board is the busiest?  The Help Board!! I've just been hanging out there for awhile and it's fairly interesting.  I've noticed some people posting there, saying "so-n-so" can't log in, can you help, and they seem to be able to help that specific person, so you might try that for Sue (hugs & kisses, Sue!!) 


Another tip I noticed was to highlight the text of your post, and clicking "copy" before posting it.  That way, if you've timed out, you can open a new post and pasted the text in. 


How about Sabrina? I love that name. 


Chris definitely needs help.  Hope he gets it.   


So sorry about Rocky -- what happened?? 


Kleenex, money and good thoughts are on their way. :) 


Love to you too! 


P.S.  I will indeed put up some posts about the reunion, starting with the fabulous chocolate tasting. (yummy).  Just have to find some time. 


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August 9, 2005, 10:57 pm CDT

The Chocolate Tasting - Tucson , AZ

I think I've told you all about our friend from Switzerland, Franz, who is a pastry chef and was on the Food Network recently.  Of course, he came to the reunion with his wife, Gaby, who is just a beautiful person, inside and out.  Franz is wonderful, also.  He's a big teddy bear of a guy, who's smile could melt anyone's heart.  Franz knew absolutely NO English when he arrived in the states to travel with us, but it was so important to him to be able to have meaningful conversations with everyone, that he was completely fluent before the end of the year.  Since then, he's traveled extensively, and his English is even better. 


So, it came about that during some free time at the reunion, he announced that he would be giving a Chocolate Tasting.  We all gathered at the appointed time, in the hospitality suite that had been rented for our cast to gather in.  $200 per night X 4 had been donated by various members of the cast to pay for the suite.  It was a great place and we had a birthday celebration there - more on that later - and we brought in stuff to drink, and pizza one night, and cold cuts another.  We had our cast meeting there, and watched a slide show of pictures from our year.  There was even a huge balcony that overlooked the pool and the golf course.  The president of the Alumni Assoc. was staying in a suite just like it. 


So, we all gathered around and Franz explained that we all needed to be quiet and to really listen and pay attention to the sensations of the chocolate.  He consults for a company called Fechlin, and he explained briefly about the process of making chocolate, where it comes from (Venezuela, Ecuador, Java, and Madagascar) and that this chocolate we'd be tasting was in the top 3% in terms of quality.  Soon, the joking all stopped and we were mesmerized, including the kids. 


He had pamphlets that explained about how the cocoa beans are gathered, and made into chocolate, the precision that goes into making sure every lot is up to the standards required by the company, and how to properly taste fine chocolate.  We tasted seven different kinds, beginning with the darkest and finishing with the creamiest milk chocolate.  Each time, he explained about the particulars of that one, the flavors in it, the source, etc.  We opened the packages, looked it over, to be sure there were no streaks, or white edges.  We rubbed it with our thumbs to release the aroma.  We broke it in half and listened for the snap that would indicate the cocoa content. (the more cocoa, the more solid it is, resulting in a harder snap).  And then, you take a piece in your mouth, let it melt over your tongue and slide down your throat.  Hold your breath for a moment, and concentrate only on the flavors and texture.  The pamphlet I have says that the best time to taste chocolate is late morning or late afternoon, because that is when your senses are most receptive.  The chocolate was beyond words, and I was amazed at how well, Erin took it all in.  She was very serious about the whole process. 


It was really an incredible experience, and I know Franz was incredibly pleased that he was able to do that for us, to share his passion.  OK, I'll share about the birthday party, since that involves Franz also.  On Wed night, before everyone had arrived, we had a birthday party in the suite for Regina, who turned 40 on Thursday.  She is from Switzerland also, but has lived in Melbourne with her husband and daughter for 4 years.  Franz insisted he would take care of the cake.  So, there we are gathered in the suite, when the door opens, and in walk three chefs along with Franz.  They were carrying three masterpieces -- two cakes that looked like the most beautiful torts, with fruit slices, and... oh goodness they were beautiful.  The third piece was a chocolate sculpture, similar, but much smaller than something Franz would do in a competition.  It had an oval chocolate base, and then two stems coming up, with large flowers made out of chocolate.  Around the base were chocolate covered strawberries.  Franz had contacted the pastry chef at the resort, who turned out to be someone he knew, and had arranged for these to be done.  The Head Pastry Chef, I think his name was Chris Johnson, kept deferring to Franz and saying that he hoped these would be OK, and up to the standards he had requested.  Just incredible. 


It was just so much fun, and that was only one small part of the whole week.  I really wish I could have shared it will all of you. 


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August 15, 2005, 10:35 am CDT

good weekend?

My hard drive crashed this weekend.  The good news is that after 5 hours on the phone to India, the problem is covered by a warranty, and I'm going to get a new hard drive.  The bad news is, the amount of data loss is unknown.  Best case scenario, everything's good.  Worst case, I'll have to spend some 100+ hours recreating accounting records, address lists, spreadsheets, and the digital copies of my photos for the last year will be lost. 


Gee, didn't I have a backup??? NO! 




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