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July 23, 2005, 12:58 pm CDT

Repairing family relationships

ONearly two years agio my two daughters in-law started telling each other thing that I had supposedly said about the other. They were twisting things I said and making things look bad. My husband and I talked to both our sons (one is 45 and the other 30) and they both agreed that it was all baloney, but they felt they had to stand behind their wives. The oldest son had been married for 14 years when the youngest got married. My first daughter-in-law could not stand his choice of a wife and would not hardly be decent to her. I tried to act as a mediator and that mad e matters worse. Then for about two years everything went along smoothly. Then my mother died and I guess they decided to band together against me. The youngest daughter in law told me that I didn't like her because she stole my baby boy. Then she told me that my mother liked her better than me. I told her that she was not playing teenage friend games...she is messing with family. My husband and I tried to set up counseling for the whole family and we would pay for it. The sons were all for it, but the daughters-in-law would not have anything to do with it. It wound up with just the two of us going and being told that until they were ready to work things out, out hands are tied. The youngest daughter-in-law lies every time she opens her mouth. She and my son and the two year old daughter are now living with her parents because they are so far in debt. My son has come home and lived with us twice during their four year marriage at his wifes request. They were so financially burdoned that we helped get them back on their feet even though she was not speaking and would not allow hin to bring the baby over here. He moved back to his house and within a few months they were behind again on payments and had to sell their house. She is a REal Estate salesman and ;put it on the market. The same week she went out and bought a new BMW SUV. How do you ever repair a family that has been torn apart by lies and the persons respionsible are not willing to mend the relationship and go on.?

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