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July 25, 2005, 12:33 pm CDT

Well i'm 19 and i feel lost

I have a problem i'm too shy to talk to girls i'm really shy and i cant rid of it!! i fell strong only after i working out in the gym i feel that i can to anything... but if i dont i just dont feel it...

i cant find a job, cant talk to girls=cant find girlfriend, i never had-have any friends that are girls...

and beacuse i'm shy i cant achive my goal in life i dont know that to do about it i fell lost!!

i have some freaky dream but ahh if you dont belive in some thing you already lost... dream are good thing.


so that to do? any one can help me? telling me that can i do about it?


sorry for bad english i'm not from uk or usa i cant write 100% in english :(




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