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November 5, 2008, 7:18 am CST

Mind Control - the end justifies the means

My son was in a destructive cult during his college years and have seen how mind control changes a person's thought process, physical changes, how a person will believe ANYTHING their leader says. It doesn't happen quickly - it is a slow, methodical process how they get you to admire their initial 'draw' to the group which usually has genuine caring and nurturing to their message.  It's later, once you love the message and the people, that the process to remove critical thinking from a person occurs. Once that happens, however, the leader can tell a member of the group something very bizzar, which sounds and looks bizzar to the general public, however, when critical thinking is totally removed from your brain - you will believe it.  It is usually fear-based. with a religeous twist.   But the mind can be controlled and the belief system will be owned by the charismastic leader.  I got my son out of the cult with the help of a "exit counselor" along with family and friends to reverse mind control without him knowing it.  We also saved several other members. What I learned was that even though someone leaves the cult for any reason, they are still under mind control, without realizing it, and needs to be 'exited' formally so they know what happened to them and how and to remove the hidden belief systems.


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