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July 30, 2005, 11:53 am CDT

Bedwetting 10 year old

I have a 10 yr old son that still wets his bed about every night.  I've looked up information on bedwetting and it seems to be a common thing, but I am getting very concerned about him.  If anyone had any solutions to our problem I would really appreciate them.
July 30, 2005, 12:05 pm CDT

The Meaning of "Family"

Quote From: wifeandmom

I am the mom of a 13-year-old. I was remarried 2 years after being a single mom for 11 years. I raised my son the best that I knew how which I thought was wonderful! My son is a loving, caring, happy young man. As a single mom, we did everything together. My husband feels that I spoiled him to the point of him being self-centered, irresponsible, and not going to amount to anything but an adult child living at home. An example of a situation: when I suggest we play a game as a family, my husband accuses me of just wanting to entertain my son. I really miss the happiness and togetherness that I used to have with my son. My husband continually says that I must push my son to be more independent but that seems to mean let him be by himself and figure out how to entertain himself. We do things as a family but only if the idea comes from my husband. I feel there may be competetive feelings coming from my husband and possibly resentment of any time that I may want to spend with my son. I have asked my husband if that may be true and he denies it. I do want to say that my husband has so much to offer my son and us as a family. He is a very responsible husband and provider and a great role model for my son. I just wish that there could be a middle ground with some carefree playfulness as well as the lessons that need to be learned. I am currently looking for a family counselor and there are so many out there, I just don't know how to narrow it down. Does anyone have any sugestions for finding a good family therapist?
I have a similar situation, but have been trying to work all of our relationships out.  Anyway, I would suggest contacting a University pych. department.  I have resently visited a therapist through a University and he was/is very good at his job. If your husband and/or son would be willing to go with you, all the better.  Your one step ahead of me if the whole family is willing to go.
August 13, 2005, 7:24 am CDT

Bedwetting 10yr old

Quote From: tammyo1973

Have you discussed this with the pediatrician?


Ours gave my daughter a nose spray called DDVAP


My daughter wets the bed. She is 14 and suffers from bipolar disorder. Does he have any mental health issues, like add or adhd?? Just wondering as it seems very common with these children.


It has something to do with the transmitter from the bladder to the brain. Seems that the part of the brain that is suppose to send the message is either not working or delayed.



About my "bed wetting" 10 yr old... We tried some nose spray...didn't seem to work.  


The pediatrician acted like it was not a big deal and eventually it would go away, but I feel so bad for my son having to deal with this. 


I don't think he had any mental issues...he doesn't display anything related to any disorders, but it may be something to look into. ? 


He is a big boy...90% of his age in height and 97% of his age in weight.  Maybe that could play a part in his ability to hold his bladder??? 


His father and I have been divorced for several years...maybe the insecurity issue plays a part??? 


I just don't know:(  May need to try another doctor. 


Thank you 

September 5, 2005, 8:50 am CDT

Blended family frustation

I am the mother of a 10 y/o son, from a previous marriage that ended 7 yrs ago,and I have a 10 mo old from a new relationship.  I bit of a surprise baby.  My Son and my Partner, the father of my 10 m/o daughter don't have mush of a relationship at all.  I just kind of fingured it would get there eventually, but it's been over a year now and nothing has seemed to develop.  It is like they are both too shy or something to talk much to eachother in order to get to know eachother.  My partner respects my son and talks about my disipline tactics, which I take a bit of defence to sometimes.  But he rarely does much else with my son to get to know him....I'm not sure if I should do nothing and just let it work itself out or address the issue and help them some how get to know eachother better....and if so then how?? 

February 18, 2006, 10:30 am CST

mother problems

My mother and I are very different people, but throughout the years we managed to stay very close...Not any more.  

We have had some ups and downs and now we don't even talk.  I have heard from some of my Aunts that she is very depressed, but she seems to refuse any help.  I contacted her once and told her I would go to counseling with her and try to get a workable relationship going, but she just didn't think she wanted to fit it into her schedule.  She is a very controlling mother and seems to run off a that everything in her life is an emergency and her way is the only way.  I guess if she cannot control me with guilt I just don't fit in her life anymore:(.... 

I am very concerned about her...we have suicide and lots of depression in our blood line...She seems to live in her drama and I don't think there is any more I can do.  I just hurt, because I feel as though I'm without a mother now. 

Any ideas or experiences to share?  Thank you 


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