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December 14, 2008, 6:57 am CST

Caylee - a beautiful little angel

I have followed this case from the very beginning via Nancy Grace.  I taped her shows, not wanting to miss any news about this beautiful, precious gift from God.  The thought that her "mother" is so selfish, so conceited, so into herself that she would kill this precious child in order for her to PARTY is beyond appalling.  If these remains are Caylee, and I believe they are, at least now she can finally be put to rest. 


I feel very sorry for George.  It appears he has known or suspected the truth since day one, but has tried to support Cindy.  I firmly believe that Cindy has not been honest and has intentionally hampered the investigation - more than just the hair brush issue- as she appears to need "control".  Some of her statements were totally ignorant -- "someone put a body in the trunk at the impound"  There was NO pizza -- just an empty box and yet she harped on that forever.  I personally believe Cindy has done much more harm than good to this already horrible crime. 


Cayce pretends to care and immediately her words and body language dispell all her "good words" and show that she is only worried about herself.  She no more wanted them to find Caylee than flying to the moon.  She had to have a sedative when given the news because she knows she's been caught -- without doubt.  I hope that they decide to put the death penalty back on the table and the jury gives her the needle -- however if that doesn't happen, there is a definite pecking order in the prison and baby killers are at the top.  She will either spend her days in solitary or suffer the wrath of other prisoners.  Either way she is going to pay...with her life.


God bless and keep you in His loving arms, Caylee. 


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