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October 22, 2008, 1:32 pm CDT

I'm for the father.

My step sister trapped a man into getting her pregnant. She attempted pregnancy with this man on numerous occassions before finally succeeding in September of 98'. The man whom she had sex with made it clear to her that he did not want to have children nor get married to anyone. He was content living his life the way he chose at the time. My step-sister had told this man she was on birth control. When he approached me about this, while he was seeking understanding on how she could have become pregnant from being on birth control, I had known she was not on birth control. In fact her doctor had actually taken her off her birth control, 2 years prior to this pregnancy occuring because the birth control was causing some health related side effects that were undesirable effects of the medication. He is aware now that she used him as a "sperm donor", knowingly. Now this man has not kept in contact with my neice. He is an alcoholic and chooses to spend his nights after work and on the weekends sitting on a bar stool drinking his life away. My step-sister complains relentlessly about his choice to ignore his now 9 year old daughter. She complains the child support is not enough and she has made plans to sue him for the back support once my neice turns ten. In New York my neice will have the ability to choose whether or not she wants her father involved. It 's a fail safe tactic in order for my sister to keep getting child support without risking him filing for custody in the event he wants to repent. Her lawyer has even advised her on this tactic in order to get what she wants without having to give up anything. Now this is wrong. She knew he did not want to have children. He did not want children because there is a congenital dosorder that runs in his family's DNA. Low and behold, my neice now has this defect, or disease. Between my step sister and her mother they have spoiled how my neice sees her father. They talk bad about him all the time, and she's very influenced by this. My neice has allowed herself to get sucked into their view of her father, and she's so innocent about it becuase at the age of nine, she cannot even begin to understand. She did not ask to born. However my sister chose to bring this child into the world without consent from the father because he trusted her when she said she was on birth control. They had actually had a sexual relationship for about 8 years prior to her getting pregnant. I feel sorry for my neice. Her distorted view of her father will always be as long as someone is around to add fuel to the fire and make her beleive something that isn't true. What she should know is that her dad is an alcoholic when she able to understand. Then alcoholism should be explained to her and the genetic disposition it has in her future. She should know her dad did not want children or the tie downs that go along with family and being married. I think my step-sister is one of the most selfish people around me. So I take the father's side. There are plenty of woman out there that use men as a "sperm donor", and then try to seek compensation for there own neglligence. I believe this is fraudulant.  So men,l double up on the birth control, wear that condom reguardless of what a women say's to you. If you choose otherwise, you may have choices made for you that could alter your life later in life in a way that you may learn to only resent.
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November 3, 2008, 12:50 pm CST

Stand up Jessyca!

Quote From: 1_n_only

I hope Jessyca knows that she is a beautiful soul, both inside and out.  Her inner beauty really shows when she smiles, and while I'm sure she hasn't felt like smiling much, she has a beautiful smile. It's ok to smile.   Jessyca, you have also proven you are a fighter.....fight the negativity of all you've been through, and win back your life that you so very much deserve. 

I hope Jessyca stands up for her life now! She is a beautiful, intelligent and warm human being. Like Dr. Phil said, who she was when she was 13, is not the person she is now. I stand up for her to and pray she get's her life back. Kepp on keepin' on Jessyca!!! Christine from Cortland New York.

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