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October 20, 2008, 1:59 pm CDT

What Do You Fear

I am looking forward to the 'What Do You Fear' episode. I have watched nearly every episode since Dr. Phil first started, and this is the first episode I can TRULY identify with. I think I may be suffering from Agoraphobia, and it is only getting worse. I have difficulty doing simple tasks such as driving, or hanging out with friends. I can not eat in restaurants, so i avoid them. I couldnt even go to early vote today. It only recently became this bad. I got furloughed from my job, as an airline pilot. So now that I am looking for another one, I am trying to find one that my phobia wont interfere with. Just several weeks ago I got sick with something flu like. Ever since then my phobia has become severe, I think being sick that week may have triggered something. I really hope this show will help me learn some things I can do to handle it.

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