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October 17, 2008, 6:42 am CDT

my father wants to kill me

this is not a joke or an father's goal in life is to make me and my mother the most miserable creatures on the planet ,he made me attempt suicide more than 5 times ,the only reason whyi stop every time is because i fear god. i' m the daughter than every father dreams about ,i'm smart and talented ,and having the best grades at school, but all i get in return is the most miserable life ever.

last summer i had 2 nervous break downs ,i'm currently suffering from a serious depression and from bulimia (i lost more than 50 ponds ) and still losing weight and my willing to live every day.

please if any of the dr phil staff is reading this please please help me ,or just tell me what to do because i can't keep on living like this.


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