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September 10, 2008, 12:40 pm CDT

38 Pounds Overweight!

Quote From: dana7777

 I'm 35, I use to be skinny..less then 2 years ago! Then I got pregnant, not on purpose because i already have one baby who's 12!!! But my son is now 7 months and I still need to lose 38 pounds to get back to my original weight & CLOTHES!! I have a closet full and I can't wear them! Its depressing and my husband is no help cause he's like 145 pounds and eats whatever he wants and doesnt gain an ounce!! I need help..I have a WII and I got the WII fit thing and I do it everyday..I dont like eating that much and I frequently skip why am I still fat? Beats me but I have to do something soon!

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