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September 8, 2008, 2:10 pm CDT

Agreed, and I want to know...

Quote From: bailbondagent

I'm sorry but  miss washington should have her crown taken!  I agree with the lady in the audience.  That girl is far from being a victim.  If she wouldn't have committed those acts, she wouldn't of had anything to worry about.  America should know what kind of person she really is when not acting like a "genuine"  girl who doesn't deserve the position.  If it would have been anyone else, you would not be condoning the behavior that she displayed.  What if that was your wife, Dr. Phil, or one of President Bush's daughters?  I could only imagine how they would be crucified instead of being called victimized.  Let's stop feeling sorry for the cute little "victim" who deserves whatever she gets!  If that was my daughter or yours,  I'm sure you or I would not be so proud.  All I have to say is if you want to act like that, grow up and take what you have coming!
I agree with your major points here. Also, how can we say she is a "victim" and that these photos DO NOT represent the type of person she? Then go on to say later that the "jail bird photo" shows what type of person the drunk driver is. Please understand, I do believe people make mistakes, Ms. Washington should have just said that it was a mistake and apologize. I DO NOT agree with the drunk driver, he deserves to be put away for his mistake, remorse or not. The word choice here is really contradictory!

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