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September 27, 2008, 3:04 pm CDT

Real Stress

I moved back to Connecticut from Upstate Ny in 2007. I have two grown boys, now, 32 & 36. I have been from job to to place living. My job now is in a coffee shop in the town I live in. Previously I was a Parts Delivery driver for a magor car dealer. I hurt my foot real bad..I was out of work for 1 mo. I had applied for a job closer to home so after my two week notice..I went to my new job but because my foot hadn't healed and I was doing therapy...they would not hire me. I decided I was going to apply for SSD/SSI since I have a bad back and neck,THAT in its self is very time consuming and depressing.I am only working part time because I can only earn so much while applying for these things. I am on SAGA and food stamps from the state. I am having a hard time paying my rent, I don't know if I will have any money for October's rent. My oldest son is probably going to jail by the end of October and I am just a mess. I have started BP Medications and I am totally exhausted. I haven't slept (good) in who knows how long. I worry about my kids ALL the time and I am running myself ragged.I have gained alot of weight and I am very depressed. I have an appt. with a dr. next week and SSD/SSI. If I don't get help from them I don't know what I will do. This may sound trivial to some but to is killing me.My mind doen't stop for a minute and like I said..I am exhausted. Thanks for listening....Lucinda............

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