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August 21, 2008, 7:46 pm CDT

worried and desperately need referral to specialist dr. please!!!!! Re: my mother’s angiogram results

My mother just had an angiogram and the Dr. that did it says that he hasn’t ever seen this before and there is very little data on this condition, and her treatment options. 

My  mother’s angiogram shows that the area of the branch to where 4 arteries are located, near the heart that leads to both arms and both sides of the neck to the brain are  extremely blocked with calcification.  Each of the 4 branches is very, very blocked.

The Dr. that performed the angiogram says that he cannot help my mother, as there isn't anything he can do, except advise us to do some referrals such as the Mayo Clinic.

Please if anyone has expertise in this area of angiograms, please either send email directly to me or post a reply (for everyone to see) of a referral to a specialist Dr.  re: angiograms.

Many, many thanks in advance for what may lead to an enhanced and much longer life for my mother. 


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