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September 3, 2005, 11:42 am CDT

fear of Needles

I have many phobia.s . Sometimes I can't go outside . If I go outside, I am always aware if people are behind me & I move so they can get in front of me. 

My biggest phobia however is needles. I absolutely hate getting blood tests & shots. I used to pass out while getting blood tests. I have discovered EMLA cream though for the times when I can schedule my blood tests but getting an injection on demand is rough. It helps to have my husband there but I usually end up dislocating his fingers in the process. 

I would love to get over this fear. 

December 19, 2005, 11:41 pm CST

fear of needles

Quote From: mandirae23

When I was 10, I fainted after recieving a shot.  Since then it's gotten worse.  I have panic attacks some times when I know I'm about to go to the doctor to deal with a shot.  I have never had an IV, but I'm deathly afraid of it.  We do not have children.  But for awhile I was doing fertility drugs and having blood taken monthly.  I would make my husband go with me.  Finally one day he said he wouldn't go with me anymore and I had a huge panic attack.  He still wouldn't come with me.  I hate passing out.  I feel like I can feel my blood leaving my body when they take blood and I feel like I can feel stuff entering my blood when I get a shot.  Then I realize that something foreign is laying under my skin.  And that's when I pass out.  I've gotten a little better by forcing doctors to let me lay down.  I also have to drink OJ immediately after.  Sometimes they give me a cold washcloth.  I have to lay down for 15-30 minutes afterwards.  Then for 5 minutes I have to sit up.  Only when I do these things will I be able to have bloodwork done on my own.  Then I have to go home for the rest of the day to rest.  Otherwise later on in the day I'll panic about the thought of what happened earlier and pass out.  I haven't had panic attacks recently though.  So that's good.  But I get so worked up on the inside that they often can't pierce my vein to get a needle in!  I just wish this was a little more under control.  We would like to have a baby in the next few years.  That will require fertility treatments because of my medical condition.  And I'm really afraid of an IV or an epidural.  I'm afraid I'd pass out while in labor.  And that's not good.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

I have hope for you. There is a product that your doctor can prescribe called EMLA Cream. You put a blob of it on before bloodwork & it numbs the area. This has saved my life. I also used to faint when approached with a needle & laying down was not possible for me due to previous abuse issues.  

I will reserve Judgement on your husband. Thank goodness my husband is supportive no matter if he thinks I am being silly or not.  

I never actually got a shot with the EMLA cream but I know I can walk right into a lab sit down & walk out by myself after blood work which is a major accomplishment from when it would take 6 people to hold me down or I would just go straight to passing out. 

Hope this helps & let me know if you try it. email 


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