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July 23, 2005, 1:00 pm CDT

Wishing & Praying To Openly Adopt

Hi Dr. Phil and friends,
We are Bill, Nicole and Faith and we are a fun loving Christian family living in San Diego, Ca.
After years of infertility treatments and surgeries we choose to parent rather than give birth to our daughter. One day in 2000 Nicole decided to build an adoption website geared to a courageous and unselfish woman looking for an OPEN adoption plan.
Well the rest is history as we were blessed by a wonderful birth family with the birth of our daughter Faith who will be five next month.
We are wishing and hoping to OPENLY adopt another baby into our home so we can forever love him or her. It is so hard these days out here in the adoption world when you are networking and doing everything possible to make that connection. We have come across quite a few scammers that thankfully we never financially helped but emotionally it has drained us. Can you give us some tips on how to keep our chins up when things look down. The power of prayer is a great thing in our lives and we try to let go and LET GOD all the time but sometimes being human gets the better of us!
Sincerely you favorite family of viewers!
Bill, Nicole & Faith
WE LOVE YOU ALL AT THE DR. PHIL SHOW!! If only the world could be made up of more people like you and Robin we would be living in a wonderful world!!
October 14, 2006, 9:56 am CDT

Dr. Phil We Are Wishing To Adopt

Dr. Phil some of us out here in message board land would love to know when you are going to be doing another show on adoption? With your status and power I would think that one or two shows like the original adoption show you did would help some of us become complete families through adoption. Whether you have not been able to conceive, or have adopted the need and want to complete your family through the miracle of adoption is great when you are infertile. Please think about creating another show for infertile couples who have adopted or who have not that want to complete their family.
We love your show!!
Nicole in San Diego :)
Wishing to adopt and complete our family with another blessing!
Adoption Prayer

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