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April 21, 2008, 7:21 am CDT

Midlife Momming is funny!

A few years after I gave birth to my 3rd and last child at age 40, I wrote an illustrated humour book about life as a midlife mom, entitled "Parentally Insane:  Insights From The Edge...of Midlife!".   Having a child in midlife certainly has its nuances.  You are much more tired (I call myself Zombie Mommy, Queen of the Walking Dead), but you have acquired wisdom:   You no longer sweat the small stuff and are more relaxed about parenting.  Baby dropped the binky?  Younger moms boil it or have it examined by men of science.  Not so with a midlife baby - you just pop it in your mouth for a cleansing suck, then give it back to Junior!  Pre-midlife babies get a diaper change every time they pee a spoonful.  Midlife babies learn to tread water.  And how many of us midlife parents are raising our kids to be future gerontologists, since Lord knows we will need someone to change OUR diapers in another couple years! LOL!! :)


Oh, I could go on...but you should read my book! :)


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