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September 5, 2005, 6:46 am CDT

Do not do it MOVE ON!

Quote From: mdearest


I am in the process of a divorce, but am horny to be quite honest. I don't like just sleeping around and my stbx husband had indicated that he is also horny but is not wanting to sleep with his current lady friend until we are officially divorced ... should we sleep together? If we both go into it knowing that it won't change the overall situation, then we are just two consenting adults with a history, right?  

No do not sleep together  

You need a fresh start and to get on with your life  

This will only prolong the pain and suffering divorce brings  

GO OUT and find another   

Sleeping together will do you no good.  It will take up time that you could be with someone else  

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September 30, 2005, 4:05 pm CDT

Annette help!

Quote From: renewed

Concerning the comment "If the pills don't work, ask your doctor to try something different.  Just be resiliant and hopeful that you're on the right track."  I would rather see people try 'something different' first and then if THAT doesn't work maybe try the pills???  Maybe if more of us did that then we wouldn't be caught in such an epidemic of mental illness.  If it isn't our society and the overuse of these meds creating this, then why are the numbers of people suffering rising so much and please, please don't tell me it is because of more awareness bringing people out to talk about it since many, many who are on the meds aren't getting 'better'.  If those who are only now admitting to their 'mental illness' are truly getting better then why are so many more having to go on disability with mental health related problems making it so they can't even work?  If they truly had mental illness and needed meds to function wouldn't they have had to be on disability prior to meds???  Funny how so many actually get worse on these meds.  And no, I am not talking to those of you who say you have been 'helped'...I am sure that we will see those who aren't 'helped' grow to be the majority as more and more prescriptions are handed out unless the truth of the situation is exposed.  It is a very heated debate that is for sure, but I really am concerned and do wonder what those who rely so heavily on these meds will do when the bubble bursts and they are no longer allowed to be used for children and even use in adults becomes more controlled. 

Annette when I heard you, it  reminded me of myself.  I am in a battle everyday fighting depression.  I have been on so many drugs and nothing has ever worked.  I wish I could find out what drug you are on. I would try it.  I have a child I'd like to live for. 
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September 30, 2005, 4:10 pm CDT

good psychiatrist?

Quote From: cbestbaby

I take medication for ADD, Depression, and Insomnia, thank god for them! 

 a few words of advice and my 2 cents: 

*If anyone is seeking the advice of a dr. for a psychiatric disorder, they need to make sure they are going to a doctor who is familiar with that particular disorder AS WELL AS their AGE GROUP. 

* Before starting ANY medication, go over all side effects with your doctor, not just the most common ones. 

*Be aware that it could take MONTHS (or even YEARS) to find the perfect combination of medications to treat a particular disorder (or combo of disorders)  It took me 2.5 years to balance all my meds! 

*A GOOD doctor will want to keep in touch with you OFTEN to see how your meds are doing and if your symptoms are being treated adaquetly.  My dr. sees me AT LEAST every three months if there are no changes to be made to my medications and EVERY MONTH if we are trying out a new medication. 

*Medication alone RARELY will solve the problems associated with a psychiatric disorder, so beware of doctors who just want to give you a pill and send you on your way.  Medications work best in conjunction with behavior, cognitive, or talk therapy. 

**Brain Scans HAVE been conducted of individuals suffering from various disorders and compared agains those without psychiatric disorders.  These tests have revealed that people who suffer from psychiatric disorders often use different parts of their brains for a specific task than those without psychiatric disorders for that same task!  People with disorders also may show less activity in the brain during a task than those without a disorder.  Brain scans have also revealed structural differences as well, such as smaller/larger ventricles, and smaller/larger surface area......THEREFORE, people with disorders have differences in their brains that CAN be viewed upon examination with specialized scanning equipment. 

**Yes, lots of medications for psychiatric disorders are now common street drugs, but so are many over the counter medications such as pseudaephedrine and choricidine.  There are even people who like to get high by "huffing" cleaning fluids!  Most anything can be made into some sort of mind altering "drug" so using that as an excuse as to why we should not medicate those in need of medications is just preposterous!!!! 

**A GOOD psychiatrist will also let his/her patients know about the benefits of a proper diet, exercise, as well as any alternative therapies that may have proven beneficial for that particular disorder (ie:  Gluten Free diet for children with ADD) 

just my two cents 


I have been on every drug, I think... for depression  

NONE worked for me 

Perhaps I was not seeing a good Dr.   

So how does one find a Dr. in the area who is good? 

I was treated for depresion for 3 years NO DRUGS every worked for me 

I gave up on medication and I battle this each and every day 

Can I have some names of drugs to try, just in case there is one out there I have not tried? 



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