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December 2, 2008, 7:54 am CST

About schools today!!!

Quote From: princessgina

These bad teachers need to be taught a lesson they need to be fired and in some cases prosicuted.

What really scares me is the power we have given to the children and that is a fact.


When I went to school it seems in the year of the flood the teachers had absolute power there were no if's and's or or's we knew had the law in their hands. Teachers had a paddle on their desks and they would always start out the class that this talks and they would place it where everyone could see. So sat there and behaved the entire class and you actually learned.

The biggest thing we learned for every actions there is a reaction and we didn't want the reaction. When I was in twelve grade someone threw freshly chewed gum in my hair and I was so mad all I saw was red. I took it out my head and started to throw it back. Guess who got in trouble? ME.

She called me up and put on the stage (it was in speech class0 took her paddle out and whipped in front of the entier class. I didn't feel it because I had so many slips on but it taught me a lesson and what do you think it was? Two wrongs never make a right or for action there is a reaction I never forgot that and that is the way I have lived.

Now mind you the teachers had the permission from the parents to do anything they needed to do to their children for them to behave without fear and that is the way it should be today and there won't be so much trouble in schools and that is a fact. There was no such thing as child abuse in schools as there is today.





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December 7, 2008, 11:35 am CST


My husband loves to find things he finds around where he works that are throwing away and he brings them home because he always feels we can use it some how. What he does he comes home and sneaks the things in then later I find it and ask where did this come from? We have a storage thing in the back and I never see things until he cleans it out and I always ask where did this come from?

But it feels like an obsession to me. If he knew I was doing this he wouldn't be a happy camper at all and that is a fact.

Now he is out of  a job and he such a good worker but nobody wants him because he like I can't speak any Spanish and we are needed in this part of the United States. We now considered in the way and not part of Florida of which is so sad. But that is the way life is and that is a fact.

I wish with all of my heart that you could help us because I feel that there is nothing for us anymore and that is such a horrible feeling.

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December 14, 2008, 7:52 am CST

Why are we so violent?

This country now a days seems to be so violent. People take things from other people in such a horrible ways it as though they seem to think they have the right no matter what.


What happened to the old saying respect of person, place and thing what happened to that?


In the old days when it wasn't yours to have you earned it now a days these younger generations they take it no matter how when or where it is really getting more scarey everyday.


There is way to much anger protrayed on television today way over the top and that is where a lot of ideas come from and that is a fact. Even Judge Judy is angry you can hear it her voice to me she doesn't show any respect of the people before her she calls them liars that is not for her to say she is there to judge the case and not call people names. I want to call her and tell her off because she doesn't have the right to call anybody names and that is a fact.



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December 14, 2008, 8:04 am CST

I feel so badly about this baby!!!

This poor child suffered so badly I can not even imagine nor do I want imagine.


She had a face of an angel as all children do of that age and that is a fact.


I hate to say this but I have Dr. Phil because it is something I have been thinking for a very long time.


I think that this child is the product of her own grandfather and that is why she is not telling who the father is because she can't because of the fear factor.


I think that she was so jealous of this child because of that. I know what it feels like to keep a secret that is so big that it is life changing. Every time I look at that child I see her grandfather in her eyes. It really scares me to think that way but I do and that is a fact.


I was being raped by my brother-law-law for nine (9) years and I never spoke about because he would tell me that if I talked he would kill my family starting with my mother and let me watch so I know what I speaking about.


What ever they do to this mother it is not good enough because she took the life of innocent child and she didn't have the right to do so.



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December 22, 2008, 7:38 am CST

Things that you have to be careful doing!!!

I think that you have to be very careful with your children and that is a fact.

Now a days people are always watching and could think just by looking at the situation could be dangerous for the child not knowing where the parent is and that is a fact.


I am just thinking of the most recent case with Caylee Anthony look what happened to that innocent child and could very well happen again and that is a fact.


Children are gift from GOD and that is the way they should be treated all the time but unfortunately they are not and that is so sad.

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December 22, 2008, 7:48 am CST

Parents do some terrible things!!!

I don't know why parents do such horrible things but they do it all the time.


Trying to scare the children into loving them that is insane and that is a fact.


That is grown people acting like children because that is what children do to other children scare them into doing things like my twin sister used to do me all the of time and it worked for years.


It is really sad when adults try to scare the children from other loving people that are in their lives and that is a fact.

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December 26, 2008, 11:19 am CST

About our fighting men and women!!!

I hope and pray by speaking about what is really going on with our men and women of the service this will help them but the truth of the matter this has gone on for so many years for just about all wars in is way to common place.

Look what has happened to our men and women in the Vietnam War they are still needing the help and they still are not getting it and that is a fact.

I am sure if you could all of this will change but it needs to be changed NOW we don't have another second to wait.

I am very surprised that you haven't had a program such as this because you have a lot of power in your program but now you are going to start helping them all and I can't say Thank you enough because all of our Men and Women in all of the wars now and in our past need to your help TODAY.

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January 1, 2009, 1:50 pm CST

Parents do terrible things

The thing is when I was watching your program with that "father" that demanded the attention from her daughter and she didn't do what he asked I could just see my dad doing the same thing.

If my father had stayed well he was very very strick because he was Austrian and very demanding because that is the way he was raised.

I thank God don't remember this but when I was a baby he would make us stay on the potty until we went to the bathroom no matter how many hours it would take. I guess that is why I try to get out of bathroom as soon as possible but I didn't know why. My aunt that is now ninety-eight years old told me about that.

Even when he was ill with a very bad stroke he would kick me or anybody in the shin if we made to much noise when the NEWS was on. He was the head of the household even though he couldn't speak like you and I do but he spoke volumes in so many different ways. Don't get me wrong I loved him but on the other hand I feared him.

One day when we were still living in Central America and he was well my sister wanted to go to the fair and my father hated red lipstick because in Austria when a woman wore red lipstick well you know what kind of woman that was. She asked my mother if it were alright to wear red lipstick and she figured that daddy wouldn't go there but you know how things are he went. He stood far enough away from her and called her and when she turned around she had red lipstick on. He went over to her demanded for her to give the lipstick she did and he threw on the ground and stamped it into the ground and told her to go home. It was his way or no way and that is the way it was no questions asked.

My mother was very strick as well because she was English so there were so many rules that rules had rules and that is the way it was and we never smart mouthed them or our teeth would end up some place where we did them to be. I really did fear either one or the other I had enough respect not to cross the line and all of us knew the line and that is the way we were raised.

Then I really didn't like it but today I am thankful because I know and still know today as old  as I am what is expected of you but at the time it was hard.

My mother raised four (4) children and took care of my father 24/7 and worked outside the home and took so good care of all of us and we always went by the rules. My mother was always my mother and I knew the line not cross we became friends when she reached her 70's but I never crossed the line and if I did she told me in no uncertain terms but she was the greatest mother anyone could have hands down.

I just thought I would tell you about my mom because I truely miss her in the holidays more than I do all year long.


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