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October 13, 2005, 9:55 am CDT

My thoughts . . .

Clearly, this is a story that has people taking sides. There doesn't seem to be any "in between". People are either blaming Brandi or defending her.  


I am very thankful that my family has not been subjected to such a horrible tragedy and I am no expert in this area, but it seems as though Daniel's family is focused on blaming Brandi. It seems like they are obsessed with placing blame on her.  


But I think about things that have happened in this country and I think this is another example of what this nation has become. When something does not go the way we want it to, or think it should, we place blame. Someone must always be at fault when we don’t like what has happened.  


Perhaps, it is easier for humans to place blame than it is to accept that sometimes, bad things just happen. Does finding someone to blame make us less vulnerable to the reality that we cannot control everything and that, unfortunately, bad things will happen? 


We can find holes in Brandi’s story, because we are adults, and we are not thinking like a crying, emotional, seventeen-year-old teenager. Keep in mind, that this incident took place in a matter of seconds. We will never know exactly what happened, but I think it’s wrong to come to the conclusion that she is guilty based on what was aired on today’s show.  


I do think it’s important to try to remember that Daniel and Brandi were teenagers when this happened. Teenagers do not think clearly, they aren’t supposed to. They are still learning and maturing. Looking back on my life, I can recall situations that I handled badly, made wrong choices and acted in an immature way and I thank God that it never resulted in the death of another human being. However, had any of the variables been different the outcome would have been different.  


October 13, 2005, 10:04 am CDT

Legal advice

Quote From: aviano5

I am currently watching today's show and I am so angry.  If Brandi was innocent, then why take a plea bargain?  She agreed to the plea bargain so now she has to live with the choice she made.  I feel for her family, but we all live with the choices we make...even the "accidents" we cause.  We live in Italy and their law states that if you are at fault in an accident resulting in death due to negligence, you may be sentenced to  12 years in prison and large fines.  Anything that empares your ability to react to your surroundings, is no different than drunk driving.  For her to think that she would serve only 120 days for a HIT AND RUN was ludicrous.  Her HIT AND RUN was no accident.  That may be why her plea bargain was for VOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER.  Live and learn...

Brandi signed that plea agreement under the advice of her attorney. She was seventeen years old and she trusted her legal advisor. There are plenty of bad lawyers out there. Combine that fact with a complicated and somewhat flawed legal system and there will be outcomes that are less than fair.  

October 13, 2005, 10:08 am CDT

Just curious . . .

Quote From: n3oif1

I watched the show today and from what I got from it, she did it on purpose, I feel she should serve time for it maybe not the full 12 years but at least most of it. She had no right to go into her parents room to get the keys for the car. I mean she should have awaken her father and had him take her over there and maybe have the police go with them since they said there had been police reports of harassment from him. As the saying goes 'Do the Crime Do the Time' 

October 13, 2005, 11:40 am CDT

Wait a minute . . .

Quote From: msg1204

You have no idea what was going on in side her 17 year old head I'm sure she was scared out of her mind.  Think of what you what have done in her case but you can't because you probably have never been there and if you have been it is different for EVERYONE and she was just doing what her attorney told her was the best thing for her to do and again that is different for EVERYONE. 

You need to read the post that I responded to.  I by no means was critizing her.  Again, read the orignal post that I was responding to and calm down!
October 13, 2005, 11:47 am CDT

I agree . . .

Quote From: terilcox

Sometimes when you are faced with a tragic thing like this you just do what you are told and not think.  Everything is confusing and you just want it to all go away.  She may not have even read the plea that she signed.  I know when if you read what happened to me I never read what I was signing I just signed what I was told and half the time I did not even hear what they were telling me it was as is Charlie Browns teacher was speaking to me.  You hear the sounds but you can not make out what is being said.  Most of the time you stay in a daze.  Being in the legal study I have seen bad and unjust outcomes, especially in teens.
with you.  That was the point of my post.  Brandi was advised, by her attorney, to sign the plea - why would she doubt the attorney?  After all, the attorney was hired to do what was best for her!
October 13, 2005, 12:32 pm CDT

I will pray for Brandi and her family.

Quote From: luckypink

Ok, Brandi is my best friend. She has been my best friend since the 6th grade. This was totally an accident. Daniel had told her he would kill her if she didn't go to his house that night.  He is the one who jumped in front of the car. She has served her time, she has done everything she can do in jail, she got her G.E.D., and she has taken all of the classes they told her she had to take. Daniel's mother kicked him out when he was 13years old. She is a nut case. Brandi was a cheerleader and a straight A student. She was in a bad position. She was so in love with him and he treated her like crap! But you can't help who you fall in love with. She derves to come home. Please pray for her she has had a hard life trying to live with this accident and she needs her family and friends while she is in there she isn't getting any better just worse! I love you Brandi! Your best friend Summer

You sound like a good person and a loyal friend - the kind of friend I would be to one of my own girlfriends.  Is there any chance Brandi will be paroled?  If so, after how many years?   


From your prior post, it sounds like you knew that Brandi and Daniel's relationship was violent.  Was that common knowledge prior to the accident?  (I was just curious). 


I have read some of the comments that were left for you on this message board and I hope that you are able to ignore the mean, negative remarks.  If you try to respond to close-minded people it will just cause frustration for you, as those people's intentions are to be mean and cruel, which serves no purpose to people who wish to live a happy life.   


Take care of yourself and take care of your friendship with Brandi.   

October 13, 2005, 1:53 pm CDT

10/13 Cheerleader Scandal

Quote From: lydeee

I think I heard someone say Daniel had threatened to commit suicide if she left him.  He didn't seem like a very stable person - what with the abuse and threats, etc. Could he have jumped in front of the car as a suicide attempt?  If it was out of vengeance toward her, he sure succeeded.  (That she would get blamed for his death)  Four years after the fact, Daniel's family is still stuck in the revenge mode.  They need some counseling or join a "Parents of Murdered Children" group or something, so they don't waste their entire lives over this.  Seems it has become their "identity."  Sad on both sides...

I agree with your comments.  If we want to dismiss the entire suicide attempt,  couldn't he have stepped out in front of her car, thinking she would stop, as an attempt to keep her there so they could talk?   We could come up with so many scenarios - of course we will never know what really happened.   


I think Daniel's family is kind of scary.  This accident happened almost five years ago.  To hear them on the show and to read the posts by his family members, it gives the impression that this just happened.  They have not moved forward or even attempted to move forward - none of them.  They all have the same mindset.  They wanted Brandi to get life without parole.   If she had been given that sentence, they still wouldn't be pleased.   


They have dishonored their loved one by using his name with bitterness and hatred.  I think they should focus their energy on honoring him in a positive way.  I read that he was a football player.  Instead of seeking revenge on Brandi, how about setting up a scholarship fund in his name.  His family would be giving back to the community and Daniel's name would forever be associated with a positive event.  What a wonderful way to honor the life of the wonderful son and brother that they claim he was. 

November 2, 2005, 6:42 am CST

Daughter-in-law & Aunt

Regardless if Terry made the rude comment or not, the truth is the truth.  If her ex-husband did get another woman pregnant and Terry shared the information, so be it.  I have to question the motive of the aunt who went  back to her niece and shared the information.  If that aunt REALLY cared about her niece why would she want to put a damper on the rehearsal by repeating the comments?  If gossips were being banned from the wedding, the aunt should have been told to leave, too.  After all, she was gossiping, too!   


It sounds like to me Steve and Theresa were looking for a reason to keep Terry away from the wedding.  I think Theresa's actions speak volumes about her character - she is not a person that can be trusted.  There will be many more episodes like the wedding day in this marriage and she will single out anyone who she feels is a threat to her.   Steve and Theresa didn't want his sister or his mother to share their big day with them and their reasons are lousy excuses.  Theresa and Steve's wedding day is a preview of what's to come in their marriage. 


Instead of having a wonderful day with wonderful memories, they chose to create memories that involved drama and the police.  They don't sound like a very mature couple to me. 


November 2, 2005, 9:29 am CST

What do you think?

Quote From: veterancop

 News flash...Among reported crimes, rape has the highest percentage of falseness.
In my jurisdiction the percentage of false reports is over 90%. The main reason this number is so high is because the false victims aren't prosecuted and exposed in the media. For those who think that practice would further discourage true rape victims from coming forward, you're wrong.
Does it amaze you that when a story like this breaks, the name of the "victim" is protected, but the name of the alleged perpetrator is plastered all over the newspapers and the news broadcasts.  In this case, the allegations were false, but the damage has been done.  And the "victim" is still protected.  The alleged perpetrator's name should not be released unless he/she is found guilty. This is just  unbelievable to me! 
November 2, 2005, 1:39 pm CST

Dr. Eboni Wilson

I do hope that Dr. Phil will inform us when Dr. Wilson receives the job offer that he deserves.  He and his wife have so much to offer children.  The two of them would be a blessing for any community.  After today's show, I don't think they will be in the job-hunting market for long.   God bless them both!

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