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November 3, 2008, 9:10 am CST

Gavin DeBecker... on Oprah 5+ years ago.. More helpful hints

Oprah had Gavin DeBecker who is also a security specialist.  Not to take away from Dr. Phil's guest today. However, Gavin has written two very helpful books for Moms and really just people in general. 


One thing to tell your kids.....If you are being taken by someone not of your own free will scream to the top of your lungs....YOU ARE NOT MY MOM OR YOU ARE NOT MY DAD!!!  We have all been there when we see a child throwing a fit and can sympathize with that parent as they take the child kicking and screaming out of the store... but what if that wasn't the parent?    If some child was screaming you are not my mom or dad!  I would do something about it.


I highly recommend his books, One is called " the gift of fear" and the other is "protecting the gift:.  Really great tools for parents and people in general about how to protect themselves without being terrified at every turn.  How to listen to your "gift of fear"  and lots of tips for you to help protect your kids.




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