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January 25, 2008, 5:30 pm CST

Baggy Pants

 Hi Dr. Phil,  I would consider myself an educated person brought up in a good setting by my 2 great parents.  I am a 36 year old white male.  I have very strong opinions on this issue.  First of all I do not think it is strictly a race issue.  Baggy pants are part of a variety of different cultures, I AM VERY SAD TO SAY.  Second of all,  baggy pants has a direct impact on my shopping experience.  I probably do not shop as much as I should however when I do explain to me why I can never find the correct waist size at stores.  I have an answer.  this is because every one of these individuals who choose to wear baggy pants are wearing my size pants.  A 36 inch waist.  They deplete the stores inventory and I can never find my size in stock.  I full y support a ban on baggy pants. I think parents need to step up to the plate and monitor the cloths that the kids wear.  It is unacceptable.  Message to the baggy pants people.  You look ridiculous.  You are ridiculous.  Grow up get a job and look presentable, not like a hoodlum.  The joke is " I wouldn't worry to much about these people running from the police they would trip." The bottom line is people who wear baggy pants present themselves as uneducated, no parent supervision and most of all look like an idiot. If they spent half the time looking for a job as they did by pulling up their pants I guess I wouldn' fault them.  Don't hand me this garbage " I need to express myself." Grop up get a job and look professional.  Please ban baggy pants.  I guess this is worst of all.  These baggy pants people are the future of our country.  Help Us Dr. Phil.

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