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December 5, 2007, 9:27 pm CST

I know how they feel

my EX husband beat up so much I would not to talk to anyone for days and weeks,it 's not easy getting out like everyone saids if my husband did this to  me i would leave, but they will tell you stuff like i'm going to kill your family than you will have know one left,my ex killed our unborn child,and he is still walking the streets i thought i was safe from him at a chruch but once again he shows up there , and left . I know he came back to kill me just a feeling I have , he told me when you are alone I will get you,  my dad has step in so many times i was worried that he will kill my dad, and my mom had to sleep in the same room with me he tryed to break in my house and he tried to kill my dog and than he started saying he was going to die wihtout me and i told him just die


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