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December 30, 2007, 5:42 am CST

Quit smoking ASAP

I hope that Pam and everyone else smoking meets or experiences a cancer patient and or their care giver. I don't think that until they see the pure devastation of what smoking does will they realize how important it is to stop this harmful habit. Go to a cancer clinic and you will see the true reality (for most) of what is to come if you don't quit. It is a horrible and painful way to die. People say they would die for their family but would they LIVE for them???

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January 19, 2008, 7:28 pm CST

01/25 Secrets in the Suburbs

Quote From: MrTruelove

Quote by ceildh1: " (although I don't get why you would get married if you don't "DO" Monogomy)." -End quote Swinging is different for many different people. But for some people, myself included, it is simply something we are doing together. It's not that I am having sex with other people. WE are having sex with other people. It's a shared experience. That being said, I have a monogamous relationship with my wife in an emotional aspect. And sex with her is truly unique because of that. But expanding the non-emotional aspect of our sexlife up with other people is quite different. I expect to see people come onto this show and have difficulties with swinging because their marriage wasn't sound to begin with. They were looking into swinging as a possible cure for a problem, or perhaps looking for something their relationship didn't provide. It's sad really, because those are the completely wrong reasons to get into the lifestyle. Stability first, and remember to always go back to a typical marriage at the onset of problems.
Say what you must to validate your sick addiction. Some people steal, some people rape, some people swing, some people molest kids some people cheat on their spouse. All will say it feels right. Wrong is wrong!! Sugar coating it doesn't change that. In what state, province or country does it say in the wedding vows to have and to hold everything that moves?? You are to become one with each other ,not the world. By saying that everyone involved is in agreement with what's happening, just means that you all are needy, risk taking, attension seekers that are emotionally disfunctional. You are not responsible or disciplined enough to live like grown ups.

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March 1, 2008, 6:06 pm CST

03/03 Teens and Sex with Bishop T.D. Jakes

Quote From: mrjimmyb

Unfortunately we live in an age where pre marital sex is approved of.  The acceptable peer pressure of the time is " try out the merchandise before you get married". I don't know how many times i've heard this phrase over the years. In years gone by the peer pressure was those who did such were shunned.

Today there are many other problems that must be faced such as HIV, AIDS. It's time for the morality of this nation to turn around and stand up for what morally right. Diseases like aids and HIV show how the

steady moral decline of this nation and  it is now reaping the fruits of what it's sowed for many years. The only way to eradicate such diseases is to be tested fore such diseases before marriage and to abstain until marriage. Until the morality of this nation improves these diseases will always be a problem.

I agree, the moral decline is disgusting. I had a teacher tell me she was going to teach my 12 yr. old son and his class, that he was to judge no-one and accept everything. She hired 2 gay guys to do a play to let them know that what ever their sexual desires were to act on them. I pulled him out of school that day.  Other respectable, caring parents pulled their kids out also. Our schools push having sex on children early saying it's for their benefit. I know that if parents teach children to respect their body and have self worth that the impulse to have somebody man handling them for something to do on a commercial break won't even be an issue. If parents were responsible for their children instead of being self indulgent or lazy, we would see teen pregnancies decrease. They let their children run the house and make the rules, then act surprised when their little angel comes home pregnant or in some kind of trouble.

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