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November 17, 2007, 4:12 pm CST

A Husband's Shocking Confessions

Lies are never easy to face, specially if you have been the one lied to. That is the most shattering experience and it knocks all of the great energy that you thought you had.


The truth from personal experience was a total lack of energy for my personal well being. The disbelief that this could happen to me and the struggle to overcome the totally different life I was living. The life I thought I had, and the reality that hit me.


I did not have a Dr. Phil to help me out and my journey was a long and at times painful one. Trust was a part of me that was extremely difficult to project and I shied away from people and social life. It made me violently ill, which I recovered from in 6 months and took 6 years to recover true confidence in myself.


From what I have viewed of Dr. Phil, I truly believe that the road can be much shorter for Michelle.  The first step is to tell someone and that is what you have done Michelle, you have taken the first step. Trust your gut feeling and not your broken heart or your large shock. It took me awhile to figure that out, but in the long run, it made me a happier and stronger person.


From a once shocked confession, I send energy and positive recovery your way.

True energy is within you, I hope with the aid of Dr. Phil, you find that energy

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May 10, 2008, 11:37 am CDT

Thank you for bringing the show to TV

When I get the opportunity to watch Ghost Whisperer, I learn something new. I believe that we have a connection with spirits that have not crossed into the light.


I have only had one such experience when I was living in Japan. I was working at a lovely little hotel in the country side. It was owned by a widow and her family. The restaurant of the hotel opened at 7:00am.  While we set up the restaurant, the lights were off (the natural light from outside was enough to see what we were doing.The front of the restaurant was all windows).


One morning, I saw a gentleman in the corner sitting down and I spoke with him (he did not respond) The conversation from my end was about the day and if he was having a good one and the special we were having for breakfast. (This conversation was in Japanese) I had probably been speaking for two minutes or even less, when my staff entered and turned on the light. There was no one there. But, I could have sworn there had been. I am no longer there and I will never know if the silent gentleman has gone to a happier plane of exitence. I have not had any repeat experiences but I do believe to this date that I was speaking with someone and hope he had a great day. The experience did not scare me or un nerve me it made me say huh, I am either very tired and am seeing things or I really had a one sided conversation with someone deep in thought. I will never know for sure, but thanks again for having the show on tv. I still watch when I can.

Lots of energy to you




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May 10, 2008, 3:07 pm CDT

When you look at yourself, actually look at yourself

Beauty comes from within more than from without. You can dress yourself up and put on make up to show your facial features, but if you are in the judgement mode of others than you are not truly looking at yourself.  I would not consider that beauty. I know that Dr. Phil will enlighten you to your misunderstanding of the word. The only thing I can do from many miles away is send the universal love to you and hope you have a better understanding of beauty in the future. Try to have an open mind and you will see beauty in others whomever they may be


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