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September 14, 2008, 11:16 am CDT

Know the facts

Quote From: pearamedic

I've notice its the people who accuse and dictate to everyone else how to parent their kids who have the most annoying, rude, back talking brats.  Child welfare worries about some of the dumbest things.  Child welfare should be a form of government that I believe should be banned.


My daughter was bitten at the daycare.  Child welfare NEVER investigated it.  The police department was the only people who gave a crap and investigated it.  They investigated the bite nothing but the bite.  Didn't do a home inspection, didn't invade our privacy (not that they would have found anything if they had).  But the police did a better job and cared more then Child Welfare could ever have a concept of doing.  Or should I say, Child-We-Really-Don't-Care-About-Their-Welfare. 


So I say let's get rid of case workers who think they're better then everyone and above the law and place chldren in abusive foster homes.  Let's get rid of child welfare and use our police who are real trained professionals.  Also to the parents, grandparents, and everyone who have to worry about how others raise their kids.  While your watching my kids your kids are committing the crimes you complain about and leaving you grandkids to raise. 

If you are going to be critical of the childwelfare system you must first know the facts.  I have worked in child welfare for 15+years.  I believe in the system and although not perfect does a very good job.  Each state in the Union has seperate laws.  In Pennsylvania the system is County run with regulations from the state and federal goverment.  Child Welfare can not become involved unless there is an allegation.  Although many believe that we pick on people this is not accurate.  There also needs to be an allegation of abuse or neglect as defined by the Child Protective Service Law (CPSL) and the Juvenile Act. There also must be a perpatrator as defined by law.  Again in Pa this is a parent ,guardian, significant other of a parent or guardian, caretaker or household member over the age of 14.  This does not mean that other abuse does not exist it just does not fall under the jurisdiction of Child Welfare however does fall under the jurisidiction of Law Enforcement.  It is also important to understand that the standard between law enforcement and Child Welfare is different.  Law Enforcement is attempting to determine if a criminal act has occured and Child Welfare is looking at Child Abuse.  It is possible to have one without the other.  Child Welfare is always being condemened for doing to much or not enough.  Prior to making judgement be sure that all the facts are accurate and present.  Although I am unable to speak for all agencies across the nation I will and can assure you that my agency takes the job and children very seriously and follow the letter of the law. 

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