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November 2, 2007, 1:03 am CDT


There have been many times I have screamed at the TV because something that seems so obvious to me never gets discussed.  Those BOYS - 14/15 year old boys are lying! 


While not 'proud' to say that I willingly began engaging in sex at 14 (I'm female) - I did so with 5 boys over a period of 3 years. The youngest was 14, the oldest 18.  And guess what? EVERY ONE OF THEM "lost their load" so to speak after just a few strokes of my hand on their penis during the beginning of a relationship.  I finally discovered that I needed to have them masturbate before we 'engaged' in sexual activity.  Otherwise 'nada' for me. 


And it's not just 14 year olds either.  I can still tease an eager 25 year old guy to the point that a little 'dry humping' will get the desired results within minutes. 


The boy on the telephone today (Thursday 11/1/07) described his encounters with the teacher without ever saying he ejaculated.  I'm sorry, but if she was so 'very sexy and flirtatious" and that boy didn't get his rocks off within seconds of her hand rubbing his penis???  And on three separate occassions no less? Unbelivable.  The mother's of these boys and others like them need to check under their mattresses for the PENTHOUSE FORUM magazines. And tell the boys to notice that 95% of the 'tales' submited are done so by men. 


Signed:  Legally Blond - "a straight man would not know that I was wearing last years PRADA shoes"

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November 2, 2007, 2:04 am CDT

Who was the real victim

Quote From: taniat21

My friend and I were at the taping of this show. We were so puzzled when we left. I think that something was definitely going on with these boys and her. The way she reacted to this boy was very odd. She showed no emotion and this boy had supposedly ruined her life with a lie. I'm not sure what exactly was going on between them, but something was. I felt sorry for her husband.

In response to the girl that was at the taping.  Joelle reacted like many do after years of fighting to get back what is most important to anyone that has worked hard to acomplish a goal and the respect of their peers. Their good name. 


Most often, someone that is assumed to be guilty of a crime that embarasses them or their family, inspite of what the court rules, will do anything to just "make it go away".  Yet Joelle remained in the community, encountered the 'wheels of justice' which whether you are the the accused or the victim, is very emotionally and physically demanding. THEN she went on to fight for her right to teach and in the end she can't even do volunteer work? 


Trust me - you hit enough brick walls in regard to a legal issue and you finally learn - You have two ears and two eyes and one mouth.  Stop drowning out your opponent  with your words.  Instead watch and listen to your opponent.  Listen and watch long enough and let someone else be your 'pit bull' (Dr. Phil in this case) and the truth will piece itself together.   


Watch the tape again.  Watch her eyes and his eyes as they speak.  His flite about - kept look to the right - which indicates he is searching the "Creative" part of his database files - which leads to inconsistancies in his story.  Joelle on the other hand searched her left side of her brain - that's the part where facts are kept.  Joelle had plenty of emotion going on inside her head and in her fingers.  She was concentrating on what Doug was saying and remembering what he had said under oath. Not only was taking notes a very smart thing to do - but it also gave her a place to channel her energy. 


Today's society is quick to allow teachers and politicians to be the scapegoat for their bad kids and miserable jobs.  I don't know how old you and your friend are, but if you engaged in sex before you were 25 with a boy the same age or younger - think about those first times together - Did your partner even get his underware completely "off" before he did?


The "Quickness" of the boys was a running joke among the girls at my school.


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