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October 27, 2007, 12:00 pm CDT

Oh, come on now!

There might be the odd truly innocent teenage boy in this part of the world, but because of TV and movies, MOST teenage boys are DYING to have sex sex sex, and they would LOVE it if a beautiful experienced woman wanted to teach them the ropes.  They love it!  They want it!  They only start crying about it when their Mom finds out and tells them that they must act all traumatized about it so they can get some money by suing the school or the teacher.  There isn't one normal healthy teenage boy who will be permanently traumatized by a lovely older woman teaching him how to be a man.  They want it!  They all want sex, and they know it's better with an experienced older woman.  (Rather than trying to beg their little 14-year-old girl friends to do it.) They aren't traumatized in any way, they want MORE, and they want to tell all their friends about it.  It's the greatest thing in their lives, until Mom steps in and ruins it.  I agree that teachers shouldn't take advantage of innocent kids who don't want it -- but MOST teenage boys would LOVE to have it!  the more the better!!  Do you remember that episode in the show Soap, where Billy Tate's teacher seduces him?  It's a mutual attraction, and the next morning Billy cannot shut up about it.  He says it's like discovering America, he's so thrilled, he can't imagine why everybody doesn't have sex all the time.  He says it's the greatest thing ever in the universe.  I believe that MOST teenage boys feel this way!  They love and want sex all the time -- who better to give it to them than a lovely older woman.  They aren't traumatized by it, they LOVE it and want more.  Their Moms may be traumatized about it, but the boys sure aren't!  Come on! 


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