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October 16, 2007, 8:03 pm CDT

Change Your Life For The Better!

Are you still hoping and waiting for someone somewhere to come toyour rescue, wave a magic wand and instantaneously change your life forthe better?

Are you praying that you will one day win the lottery and dramatically alter the financial quality of your life?

Are you sitting behind your desk, daydreaming and hopingto one day rise to the top level of management without much effort andhard work?

Are you hiding in the background, silently praying andhoping that you will find favor, get noticed and be thrust into thelimelight of your destiny?

If you are tired of hoping and endlessly waiting forsomething positive to happen or someone to come to your rescue, make adeliberate decision today to take charge of your own life and begin tolead a fulfilled and productive life.

4 things to consider as you decide to change your life for the better.

1. Value yourself.

Value yourself, your life and your time. Value what yourepresent. Don’t compromise what you are worth for anything. Yourcurrent position may not accurately define who you are, but if youplace a high value on yourself, you will not only have greaterexpectations for yourself, but also be open to more possibilities andopportunities.

People who place a high value on themselves canconfidently walk into any arena of success and take their placecomfortably. They fit right in because this is what they have beenwaiting for their whole lives and they know that they deserve it!

2. Take responsibility for your own destiny.

Be practical and stop expecting other people to rescueyou from your current distress. People can only do so much…the rest isup to you and your God given abilities and resolve. Get rid of thedependency syndrome! It incapacitates and blinds you from doing greatthings with your life and getting the success you so much yearn for.

If you are not going to be the recipient of a largeinheritance or if you have not yet won the lottery, begin to do theright thing by charting your own road map to success and workingintelligently, meticulously and persistently to achieve your success.

3. STOP doing what does not work!

If you desire to change your life for the better…take aminute to consider specific aspects of your life over the last threeyears. Have you seen any improvement in your business? Have you lostweight? Are you still working at the same place that stifles yourcreative abilities? Are you still in the dreaming phase of that projectyou wanted to accomplish? Are you still procrastinating about goingback to school? Are you still doing the same things that produceunproductive and dissatisfying results?

How much longer can you keep doing the same things thatdon’t work? You only have one life to live and if you plan to live afulfilled life, stop doing what doesn’t work, start doing the thingsthat work and change your life for the better.

4. Take a definite tangible action step today!

Changing your life for the better means doing somethingtoday that produces results! If you can’t take radical steps, takesmall deliberate steps towards the change you desire. One of thegreatest impediments to success is procrastination. It is so often usedas an excuse for inaction to the point that it has become somind-numbing!

No one wants to hear that the only reason why you havenot managed to turn your idea into reality is because you have beenprocrastinating! People want to stand and cheer for the doer and theachiever who has taken positive steps to improve the quality of theirlives. These are the inspiring stories that we read about everyday andyou too can be that story.

All the best,
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October 27, 2007, 3:33 pm CDT

This is a Washington Scandal in a Sense...

It's all good, because I am happy to raise any child that is in need of a Father, because all children do need a Father and Mother figure one way or another! However I would like to chime in and share more of a positive note with a few others....

When growing up, my father frequently reminded me to "pay attention to the details." That saying became very real to me in the area of parenting. While raising children, the details make great differences in development.

Being that children are people and not machines, the kind of detailing needed is different. Focusing on the externals of name brand clothing, perfect hair and having the most extensive collection of expensive toys are not the kind of attention needed. Such efforts will result in the child feeling rejected and learning to substitute material objects and appearances for love.

Children need the attention of their parents. The areas of their lives and abilities given attention will develop most. If the majority of parental attention is given to not standing correctly or not finishing tasks, these areas will develop further. In situations where habitual fault-finding occurs, the child eventually takes all that criticism inside and turns it on themselves. Such methods often lead to unmotivated children with low-self-esteem.

Many adult parents still carry emotional scars from harsh fault-finding from parents. A good common sense rule is, "If you would not let anyone talk to you like you talk to your child, you need to make some changes." Sadly, many children suffer in quiet desperation as victims of harsh treatment, that the parent justifies by telling themselves "it's for their own good," or "I only do it because I love them so much." Such displays are not experienced by the children as "love."

Children need attention given to the details of their lives. The attention they need the most is from their parents. They need encouragement in specific and tangible terms. Statements like, "It puts a smile in my heart, when you show teamwork by playing nicely with your brother" make a child beam. Find them doing good things and bring that to their attention. Identify the specific talent, how it is used and your reaction to it. Train their young minds to search for their talents with the same kind of attention to detail that may have previous been devoted to fault-finding. It also helps to identify internal or character qualities to praise rather than external appearances.

By developing these qualities, the child will always carry those qualities with them, regardless of age. Children do want to please their parents. The challenge many children face is that they often do not know what does please their parents.

Focusing on the details when children do good is important. Such an approach is detailed enough for children to understand what they did good and how it made you feel. Parents often devote too much detail to fault-finding. When the attention to detail is directed to finding good, it results in motivated children with strong self-esteems. If the devil is in the details, perhaps the saints are also. Ask George Bush about the good vs evil :P

Anyhow sorry to ramble, just wanted to share a bit of positive light on this subject of children.

Good luck and hope everyone has a happy weekend!
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October 27, 2007, 3:42 pm CDT

WA State Prime LEADER in this!

     If you need proof, read that every year here in WA State down in the Vancouver area, at least one - five teachers are busted for this... I think it's in the darn water! So yeah it's a known fact here in WA State to see that teachers can't control themselves.
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October 27, 2007, 3:47 pm CDT

11/02 Teacher Sex Scandal, Pt. 2

Was there a handwritten expert brought in on this or was it typed on a computer? I would like to know that question before watching this portion :)

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