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July 27, 2005, 7:32 am CDT

you're not my mom!

I want everyone to know that I love my step-daughter very much, but sometimes I just don't like her.  I know how selfish and childish this sounds, but I am near the end of my rope.  I have been in this child's life since she was two.  When I began dating her father, and just fell in love with both of them.  In the beginning she lived with her mother and visited us every other weekend.  Then her father and I became aware that there were some emotional/psychological problems with her mother.  This was not a surprise as this was a major issue in the break up of my husband and his ex.  Since my husband never really knew his father, and had a pretty unadjusted childhood he swore that he would never leave his daughter.  We fought it out in court to get custody, and after 3 years of back and forth, my step daughter is now living with us.  She and I have had problems for the past two years.  The older she gets the more jealous she becomes of her father and I.  He does not difuse this situation very well.  She wants her mom and dad to get back together, and although we have told her this won't happen, she still tries to get her dad and I in arguments, and continues to push my buttons.  I have tried every approach, but now that I have two children under the age of 2, I am affraid that her outbursts, and my reaction to them are going to effect them.  Please give any advice you can.



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