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August 4, 2005, 3:48 pm CDT

All of them need to have their heads examined

How did 4 such messed-up individuals get together?  I pray each of them can become healthy in their own right, and forget their needs, remembering only the children each of them have brought into this world.


Michelle is an enabler if I ever saw one.  She just can't seem to care enough about herself to break away from the whole gang of them.  I pray she can learn to love herself enough to tell them all to take a hike.


Brad is a sexual predator.  He dislikes himself so much, he needs to constantly build himself up by attracting and having affairs with needy woman.


"Sarah's husband" -  where is his backbone?  He is so passive, I can't believe it.


"Sarah", I dislike the most.  Probably because there was a time in my life when I was her.  It came close to ruining my life; and the guilt and shame continue to crop up from time to time.  "If I knew then, ..."  My advice to any woman finding herself attracted or responding to a "Brad", don't walk, to a good counselor and find out what makes her susceptible to him, fix herself with the help of the professional, throw in some faith study and prayer, and move towards becoming the person God wants you to be. 


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