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December 13, 2008, 5:57 pm CST

PTSD hit our family with a murder/suicide

My husband's cousin murdered his father and then killed himself on Dec. 7th 2005 in Santa Barbara, CA.

We were left to bury them and the family had to deal with the aftermath.  Jeff was a marine and served in Afghanistan at the beginning of the War on Terror and suffered from severe PTSD.  Jeff's story was written about in the LA Times on Feb. 12th, 2006.  Since that time we talked to Jeff's VA counselor, vets, VA Adm personnel and met with Shelley Berkley, Cong. Rep from Nevada on the VA committee.  We came up with a list of things we believe would move the VA and Military toward being able to provide our men and women with the help they need.  Help their families and loved ones need as well.  The wheels in Washington are moving far too slowly in this matter.  If the people that are going to be on the show Friday can use us in anyway to move the process forward faster or at all.  We would love to help.  This subject is very important to us.

email us at:

We will be watching Friday.


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